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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/1/2003 7:29:31 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Pat
Subject: May I have some clarification?

Dear Mike

"I agree with you that the Mass is a very important part of the Catholic Church, as are acts of charity and love of God."

I’m just a little concerned at the emphasis you put here in your sentence. The Mass is not just "very important" it is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the Church; a unique, priceless "time machine" which enables us to attend Calvary, witness our Saviour’s sacrifice, and eat and drink His blood. It is the antibiotic that the world needs to keep it free from fatal disease (that’s why it’s enemies have been trying to "dilute it for years). Quite often they’ve succeeded, which is one of the reasons, I believe, why humanity has reached such a desperate state of moral decay and confusion.

"I still propose to you that to live a truly Christian life is go beyond the mass, beyond the scripture, beyond religious exercises of the mind and to contribute the one thing to this world that would help establish a lasting peace more than any military action -love (and all that entails)of ones fellow human being!"

I agree with the sentiment that one must LIVE one’s faith, but one doesn’t "go beyond the Mass", one goes with it.

Also, you speak a counsel of perfection. (Which is fine - we are supposed to strive for perfection!) It is love of God, and His laws, that will bring lasting peace. However,it is perfectly valid to fight a war if we have good enough reasons: this does not make us unChristian or un-Catholic. I am sure the young men and women fighting in Iraq believe they are fighting for their country, and God will judge their actions accordingly. "No greater love.." BUT, it is not THEIR motives which are questionable. Any guilt/blame for this war does not lie on their shoulders, if they truly believe they are fighting for their country’s freedom. I don’t happen to think they are, but that’s beside the point.

God bless

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