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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 3/30/2003 10:58:45 PM
Name or Pseudonym: eric
Subject: WAR

You do sound alittle bitter my child. Since the beginning of time good and evil fought, it is a daily problem with in life. S.Hussdam, has shown a very brutal gov’t, some is very much to avoid saying. I cannot see where you who speak of good, would want such a gov’t to continue to brutalize women and children, when you stated you would rather die than see these women and children suffer, yet it has been going on with his gov’t for a number of years. i don’t undersand what you meant? As far as President Bush, he dosen’t want the women and children to suffer either, that is why we are at War. to stop the continued Irag gov’t from their terrorist actions. There are many many many christains all over the world who are fasting and praying, in all churches and Faith. What happened Sept 11, was an act of terrorist that could happen in any country, and terrorist has shown in other countries already, this war is on terrorist, it will have a victory. I hope for your continue prayer with all the world, that soon we have peace. May God Bless America

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