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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 3/30/2003 10:13:29 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Troubled
Subject: Seeking better understanding

I agree with Joseph that most of those persons I come in contact with lately and that I hear or see in the media are promoting support for "the troops", and that the innocent Iraqi people are somewhat of an afterthought. I am very troubled by this. I grieve for the innocent in Iraq. I do pray the rosary every day. A mixture of saddness, anger, disgust and helplessness is what I have been feeling as I hear about present and past atrocities Saddam has imposed on his own people. The more I investigate his doings, the more truly depressed I am becoming. Although I do feel there are persons in this country who would like to harm as many Americans as they can, I do not feel that our country has proven that there is imminent danger of an attack specifically by anyone from Iraq. I feel that I am in a small minority that are saddened by the war and pray for peace on the one hand, but have strong feelings that wihtout intervention by the US, there would NEVER be a chance for peace and for the innocent to be freed from such repression and torture. I know that God has the ultimate power to stop this maddness-- that is the torture and abuse Saddam HAS inflicted for the past 20 years on his own people, but this is what troubles me... WHY DOES GOD LET THIS MAN SURVIVE? How do we know that God is not using the US to spark change, to bring eventual peace to this country and those surrounding it? I feel that an end to this war will not bring Peace to those who are unable to fight for themselves. I know that my thoughts are against the Catholic church which I love dearly. Who can help me see this in a different light?

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