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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 3/29/2003 7:29:27 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Mike
Subject: The Mass

Dear Chris,

Wow! You had a lot of thoughts and conveyed them with good logic.

However, in a lot of ways religion - and Christianity - does not always follow the logical. Why should God have sacrificed his only Son, ... The answer, in my mind, is all is out of a divine love beyond our understanding.

Of course we need some order in society - but when the laws or dictates or actions of a "authority" conflict with our beliefs, our religion, are we still to be "obediant"? After all, the very principals upon which this county was founded was based on "civil disobediance"

It would be easier to leave our spiritual lives at the door of the church rather than to try to live our "real" lives in a Christian manner. Certainly non-christians like to point this our on occasion - how for 6 days of the week we live a very "different" life from when we are in church.

I agree with you that the Mass is a very important part of the Catholic Church, as are acts of charity and love of God. But, I feel all this should lead to an active life of promoting the Kingdom of God in this world. Christ did not live his life as a hermit, not did he "seperate" ones religous duties from how he lived the rest of his hours.

I still propose to you that to live a truly Christian life is go beyond the mass, beyond the scripture, beyond religious exercises of the mind and to contribute the one thing to this world that would help establish a lasting peace more than any military action - love (and all that entails)of ones fellow human being!

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