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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 3/29/2003 9:51:53 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Joe M
Subject: Joe...Just 3 short points

1) The pope is not responsible for the foreign policy or national security of The United States of America.

2) The position of the pope and/or the history of the papacy is not infallible in these matters.

3) The Magisterium has not forbidden Catholics to serve in, or support, this conflict.

In a totally imperfect world sometimes the best imperfect solution is the only sound course of action.

If you read private prophesy down through the ages of the Catholic Church, many saints, mystics, etc. have prophesized that the only way the Muslim world will be converted to Christianity is through a divine scourge. Now I know of no-one, either on this board or not on this board, who would believe that America is the avenging arm of God; but there are also prophesies that christians, with divine assistance, will preserve themselves and their faith through the use of force (vis-a-vis "the great monarch"); and make no mistake about it, the maniacal, blood oath zealots in the muslim world want to destroy all things Christian (which also translates for them to all things western), and all things Jewish, and they are the ones that are being deliberately killed in these actions of war.

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