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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 3/27/2003 1:17:28 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Chris
Subject: WHEW! What’s that smell?

Bishop Gumbleton has seemingly made it his life’s mission to get arrested in order to politicize anti-war efforts. To his credit, Gumbleton is an equal oppoertunity protester; he was arrested while protesting against the Clinton Whitehouse too.

But the government isn’t arresting him because of his political or religious views. That’s a bunch of manure laced poppycock. Gumbleton has the right to protest, but there are rules that even he has to follow. He and his group, just like every other protesting group, are not permitted to block access to and from the Whitehouse or gather in restricted areas. And that is why this group was arrested.

Gumbleton is a member of Pax Christi (Peace of Christ); a group that has focused on anti-war projects, and an extremely ultraliberal "catholic" group. In short, they have no idea what the true "Pax Christi" is. For example, they are largely silent on abortion; the "reverend" James Lawson, a longtime Gumbleton friend and Methodist, openly supports abortion. Yet Pax Christi chose him to be a keynote speaker at a Catholic university. And when the university said "no" to Lawson, Pax Christi canceled altogether. Better in the eyes of Pax Christi to show solidarity to one of their own who supports abortion than to give in to Catholics acting like Catholics.

So, they are not brave examples for us to model ourselves after, they are examples of hypocrites and pharisees. It’s too bad they do not put as much emphasis on protecting the innocent (unborn) as they do any armed conflict, unjust or completely just.

Maybe Pax Christi and Bishop Gumbleton should focus their attention on the rights of Catholics to make good confessions; there are several states looking to chip away at the seal of the confessional; this is nothing new under the Bush administration.

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