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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 3/26/2003 6:56:57 PM
Name or Pseudonym: eric
Subject: whats wrong?

Does it matter who takes care of the oil? really? It is in the country of Irag, many of those in that country will be part of that oil, that oil will belong to the people in Irag, did you not wake up, and understand that they have not had their own oil in years, that the Irag government has been stealing it from the people and make them selfs high on the hog, and growing wider while the people have been in need of health care, food, and liberty and freedom. Now that the forces are there and liberation is finally coming forth for these citizens in Irag, someone is worried about who is going to watch the oil, where were these people when the Irag citizens were held hostage in their own country. We will all see a new Irag and we will see that their citizens will gain wealth from their land. Right now that oil needs to be protected until this country is stablized, with freedom and liber. The whole world was losing under the Irag Government of Hussin, it is time for the Irag citizen to have this change, they lost lives of their children, and love ones, lived in fear, what a wonderfull feeling and a wonderful knowledge to know you were part of their freedom. Let us not entangle a web, now of the Oil, for the people in Irag know who those oil fields belongs to as the World knows, the people in Irag are not stupied, they were under a dictorship, which is just crumbling away. They are many Irag citizens who are very much capable of developing and creating with the help of democratic gov’ts, their free and liberated country. I am proud to see some of the Irag citizens so far offering help in their lands, againist the brutal forces of S. Hussin. Sometimes, we just need alittle help too get back on our feet, and thats what we are doing, giving them help, to live a life like you and i that our ancestors, did for us. A life with liberty and freedom.

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