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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 3/23/2003 9:28:22 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Catholic
Subject: Are you Catholics

Certainly the pope is not infallible in every thing, but when he talks about moral, we catholics must listen, and think. Whether it is politically a right time to attack Iraq is not a moral thing, but whether it is just is a moral thing, so we catholics have to listen. Although he did not declare it EX CATHEDRA, he is very likely true about the matter.

It is really astonishing to see so many American Catholics do not want to listen to him, even do not try to listen to him. They only choose what they like to hear.

It seems to me that many (of course not all) Americans are arrogant in all matters, including religion.

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