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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?

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Terrorism and War: A Catholic Response Author Date

Desert Storm 1991 Question Rafferty 3/8/2003
Clippings on the Pope’s Statements Dr. John 3/12/2003
Legitmate papal authority TRR 3/14/2003
Bush vs John Paul II Shoshana 3/16/2003
WAR eric 3/30/2003
Good vs. Evil DA 4/2/2003
DA Shoshana 4/2/2003
To Shoshana DA 4/3/2003
Positive? Pat 4/7/2003
Of Course !! it is a Just War Paul 3/14/2003
Defense CW 3/18/2003
what was the defense of Jesus Mike B 3/20/2003
Mike B littleflower 3/20/2003
Jesus Chris 3/21/2003
Serving two Masters Mike B 3/25/2003
Incorrect Chris 3/28/2003
The Mass Mike 3/29/2003
May I have some clarification? Pat 4/1/2003
Thank you Pat Chris 4/2/2003
Dear Chris Pat 4/3/2003
My Mea Culpa Dr. John 4/7/2003
Don’t eat too much! Pat 4/8/2003
Clarification ? Mike B 4/8/2003
Chris... Shoshana 3/30/2003
vestigial Chris 3/30/2003
Chris... Shoshana 3/31/2003
Front Page news Chris 4/2/2003
Hi Chris... Shoshana 4/2/2003
Thoughts... Bruce 4/3/2003
Bruce - God’s Will Pat 4/7/2003
Good Point Bruce 4/7/2003
Chris Greg B of MD. 4/7/2003
Re: RE: Jesus prayer warrior 4/3/2003
Right on! Travis R. 4/6/2003
So? Shoshana 4/8/2003
Way Off Mike B 4/8/2003
Sin and war Curious 3/17/2003
A COIN MIKE B 3/20/2003
Waging Peace in the Middle East Military Mom 3/22/2003
Military Mom littleflower 3/24/2003
Re: Prayer to St. Michael Military Mom 3/30/2003
Prayer to St. michael prayerwarrior 4/3/2003
military mom JH 3/27/2003
to JH: Prayer to St. Martin de Tours Military Mom 3/30/2003
Go to your Church Lauzzana 3/19/2003
Is This Iraq War A Just Wa Christina T 3/21/2003
To Christina T ejn 3/23/2003
Ejn Christina T 3/31/2003
America is conducting a just war Nik 3/24/2003
Nik Shoshana 3/26/2003
Shoshana...with respect littleflower 3/27/2003
Littleflower/Nik Oh dear 3/28/2003
In the Hands of God DA 4/1/2003
Well of course Pat 4/3/2003
Oh Dear littleflower 4/4/2003
The Pope Joe 3/24/2003
Joe...Just 3 short points Joe M 3/29/2003
Is This Iraq War a Just War Corinne 3/25/2003
Why This War Is Just Dr. John 3/22/2003
John Shoshana 3/25/2003
Re:Shoshana CW 3/25/2003
Your military assessment Dr. John 3/26/2003
Dr. John You Are Correct Military Mom 4/6/2003
Ecclesiastes and Right vs. Left DA 3/31/2003
war on Iraq monique robert 3/22/2003
Christianity Mistated Mike B 3/25/2003
nowar catholics Chris 3/29/2003
Your citations c.p. 3/31/2003
Conclusions Chris 4/1/2003
Final conclusion c.p. 4/1/2003
This war Chris 4/4/2003
Re: This war Lethargic IITian 4/7/2003
Hmmm Bruce 4/7/2003
WMD Chris 4/7/2003
Chemicals Chris 4/8/2003
The Crusades Mike B 4/8/2003
Consider the actions of Jesus Military Mom 3/30/2003
Not really much difference? c.p. 3/31/2003
To Mike B DA 3/30/2003
Get real Pat 4/1/2003
To Pat DA 4/4/2003
Don’t hold your breath, DA Pat 4/8/2003
monique robert’s Comments EJN 3/25/2003
For all you naysayers... Dr. John 3/23/2003
Naysayer O 3/25/2003
Your willful blindness Dr. John 4/7/2003
You still miss the point C.P. 3/26/2003
How can we trust that this is true? Adrian 3/26/2003
More examples Dr. John 3/30/2003
Iran Contra Joseph 4/2/2003
Typical illogic... Dr. John 4/7/2003
Ever heard of Libel? Dr. John 4/7/2003
Dr John JH 3/26/2003
Managing the Oil Fields DA 4/1/2003
Dr. John TRR 3/28/2003
Is this military action just? Michael 3/23/2003
Just? Peace 3/31/2003
Peace Shoshana 4/2/2003
Are you Catholics Catholic 3/23/2003
to Catholic littleflower 3/25/2003
Listening EJN 3/25/2003
True Joseph 4/2/2003
Manipulating the Truth ChangPF 3/23/2003
Manipulating the Truth EJN 3/25/2003
Turth and Lies Marilyn 3/25/2003
Marilyn...lies??? littleflower 3/28/2003
To Marilyn DA 4/2/2003
Astonishing CW 3/26/2003
Really scary C.P. 3/27/2003
Can’t trust what Bush says Chris 3/27/2003
God bless America C.P. 3/24/2003
God save us all Adrian 3/26/2003
To CP DA 4/3/2003
no to this war newbie 3/24/2003
Re: No to this War DA 3/31/2003
no, not His will newbie 4/3/2003
Heaven’s Army DA 4/4/2003
not what I want newbie 4/8/2003
Please listen to the Vicar of Christ Camillo 3/25/2003
Holy Father/Just War magda 3/25/2003
Magda CT 3/27/2003
CT Shoshana 3/28/2003
No, it is the lack of prayers C.P. 3/28/2003
Lack of Prayers T 3/31/2003
Prayers are never enough! c.p. 3/31/2003
c.p., where is your faith, my friend? Shoshana 4/2/2003
I mean, c.p. 4/3/2003
Re: CT T 3/31/2003
CT prayer warrior 4/8/2003
War in Iraq LWF 3/26/2003
Diplomacy Jacqui 3/28/2003
A Catholic Choice Against Evil DA 4/1/2003
DA Shoshana 4/3/2003
To Shoshana DA 4/4/2003
To DA Pat 4/7/2003
shoshana prayer warrior 4/8/2003
Shoshana DA 4/4/2003
God given mission heading where next DA? Pat 4/7/2003
Shoshana... littleflower 4/4/2003
To All On This Board JH 3/26/2003
whats wrong? eric 3/26/2003
What a logic C.P. 3/27/2003
A generous right in freedom, a right to... eric 3/30/2003
well said c.p. 4/1/2003
The UN Bruce 4/2/2003
re: CP TomH 4/3/2003
To Bruce and TomH c.p. 4/3/2003
re: CP TomH 4/7/2003
To CP Dr. John 4/7/2003
more inflamatory insinuations dl 4/9/2003
Who would you rather have ? Joe M 3/28/2003
Joe M JH 3/31/2003
Congratulations! ..You’ve just... Joe M 4/5/2003
A request from the moderator editor 3/26/2003
Bishop Gumbleton ejn 3/26/2003
WHEW! What’s that smell? Chris 3/27/2003
Not me! Pat 3/28/2003
AHAAAAAAA! Chris 3/30/2003
Regarding Odor Ukranian Greek Catholic 3/28/2003
Ukranian Greek Catholic CT 4/1/2003
of course we’re guilty Jacqui 4/3/2003
haha Bruce 4/3/2003 wouldn’t be the first time Shoshana 4/3/2003
Pharisees Chris 4/4/2003
Chris, don’t tell me you anti-Bisho... Shoshana 4/5/2003
Pharisees CT 4/7/2003
CT Shoshana 4/7/2003
Experience Chris 4/7/2003
HAHA! Chris 4/7/2003
More Smell Marilyn 3/28/2003
Circumstances Bruce 3/30/2003
Easy Chris 3/30/2003
Bishop Gumbleton lisa 3/28/2003
Thank you Lisa DA 3/30/2003
Letter re Gumbleton by EJN Curt 3/28/2003
Have you read it? Corinthian 3/28/2003
Brave Examples? Military Mom 4/2/2003
Whoa!! Peace 4/5/2003
Good Grief Chris 4/7/2003
Examples? certainly Pat 4/7/2003
The solutions of Virgin Mary Camillo 3/26/2003
Prayers, penance and reparation Kathy 3/29/2003
You do not understand Camillo 3/31/2003
Thank you Camillo Peace 3/31/2003
Poor in the USA Justina 4/8/2003
Iraq & War AMES 3/27/2003
Iraqi Conflict and Just War Matthew 3/27/2003
War in Iraq Gabriella 3/28/2003
Islam and civilization Matthew 3/31/2003
UN above US? Retired Army Wife 4/4/2003
Aftermath in Iraq: SCIRI will be a major... Shoshana 3/27/2003
Shoshana JH 3/27/2003
JH, Rosary et al... Shoshana 3/31/2003
Not a conservative war Pat 3/28/2003
Church and the Military K.K.1960 3/28/2003
to K.K. littleflower 3/31/2003
Distinction Chris 4/4/2003
chris please explain dl 4/7/2003
Explanation Chris 4/7/2003
War in Iraq S.J. 3/28/2003
S.J. Peace 3/31/2003
Assad: Syria won’t wait to become U... Shoshana 3/28/2003
Syria CT 3/31/2003
war and peace iummsw 3/28/2003
invasion of Iraq Zacchaeus 3/29/2003
War? eric 3/30/2003
Call the Police Peace 3/31/2003
Zacchaeus I’m Perplexed Military Mom 3/31/2003
Does the US have righteous anger??? Shoshana 4/1/2003
Shoshana and Righteous Anger Military Mom 4/4/2003
Re: Zacchareus I’m Perplexed Ave 4/2/2003
Military Mom Peace 4/8/2003
Invasion of Irag Gabrielle 3/31/2003
To Gabrielle Military Mom 4/1/2003
Violent Jesus DA 4/1/2003
? Pat 4/3/2003
DA....again Shoshana 4/3/2003
Shoshana......again DA 4/4/2003
Love your enemy, and read Twain’s W... Joseph 3/30/2003
Seeking better understanding Troubled 3/30/2003
Should we play God, or do God’s wil... Joseph 4/2/2003
Surprise! Surprise! And, speaking of swo... DA 4/3/2003
DA Shoshana 4/4/2003
why put down your sword? Toubled 4/5/2003
Love thy neighbor... Troubled 4/4/2003
Joseph and Mark Twain Military Mom 4/3/2003
God gives us the right! Ron 3/30/2003
Only the right to Self Defense not Murde... Armando 3/31/2003
Ron Peace 3/31/2003
God-given right Military Mom 4/1/2003
God gives us no right but to follow Jesu... Daniel 4/1/2003
God’s blessings Military Mom 4/4/2003
Daniel: regarding rights Soldier in God’s Army 4/4/2003
Daniel is right Peace 4/5/2003
Theological Drama Matthew 4/2/2003
God does not give us the right! c.p. 4/3/2003
Our Cause is Just JC 3/31/2003
We are Just People Frank 3/31/2003
Arrogance John 4/3/2003
’We are the true chosen people..... Shoshana 4/3/2003
He is sarcastic c.p. 4/3/2003
God help you Frank littleflower 4/4/2003
You are certainly just people Pat 4/7/2003
Our Cause is Just? Peace 3/31/2003
Medication, or a joke? Pat 4/1/2003
Pat, I have to agree... Bruce 4/2/2003
Evil northstar 4/2/2003
I guess the Pope is an insult to America... Joseph 4/2/2003
Think for yourselves, before blindly fol... JDBraddy 4/2/2003
So called mindless Catholics Matthew 4/3/2003
Catholics and war ... Gabriella 4/4/2003
for JC JF 4/2/2003
Re: for JF Frank from Oregon 4/3/2003
Frank from Oregon JH 4/6/2003
Says the Lord of hosts! c.p. 4/3/2003
War against Iraq Florencia S. 3/31/2003
I Support The War Against Evil Gary 4/1/2003
I Support The War Against Misinformation Joseph 4/2/2003
Freedom? James. 4/3/2003
research Joe 4/3/2003
Before you embrace Mark Twain and his pr... DA 4/1/2003
What’s your point? Joseph 4/2/2003
Joseph and Mark Twain DA 4/4/2003
To Joseph No supporter of Twain 4/4/2003
war in iraq bal 4/1/2003
Palestians make their way to fight in Ir... Shoshana 4/1/2003
11-Sep-2001 Bruce 4/2/2003
Bruce Shoshana 4/4/2003
Seeking Jesus Bruce 4/6/2003
War in Iraq Grace B. 4/1/2003
Just war Ave 4/1/2003
War against Injustice=Just War Soldier for Christ 4/4/2003
Jesus Peace 4/5/2003
Jesus and Peace Soldier for Christ 4/7/2003
Re: Jesus by PEACE Ave 4/9/2003
OK - duck Pat 4/7/2003
Vatican Corrupted AmericanCatholicRegrets 4/2/2003
What does Jesus say? Paul 4/3/2003
Americanism? pan 4/3/2003
Vatican Corrupted Ave 4/3/2003
Vatican Corrupted? Ave 4/6/2003
Rome v. who? Rebecca 4/3/2003
Sad but True DA 4/5/2003
War in Iraq jenny 4/2/2003
Myths/Facts Joseph 4/2/2003
Myths??? DA 4/4/2003
DA Joseph 4/7/2003
Joseph Shoshana 4/7/2003
Biased Myth/Fact Mike 4/4/2003
Mike Joseph 4/7/2003
Just War Thomas Conner 4/2/2003
Split? Peace 4/5/2003
Words of Wisdom Military Mom 4/3/2003
Words of Wisdom Peace 4/5/2003
More words of wisdom Military Mom 4/7/2003
??? Peace 4/8/2003
’Operation Iraqi Freedom’: Is ... Shoshana 4/3/2003
To Shoshana Pat 4/7/2003
The Narrow Road Northstar 4/4/2003
Iraqi Doctor Helps Free POW Military Mom 4/4/2003
Military Mom littleflower 4/7/2003
Thank you, littleflower Military Mom 4/9/2003
Why is John Paul II Worried? Soldier in God’s Army 4/4/2003
Well Soldier in God’s Army Peace 4/5/2003
Why are you? Pat 4/7/2003
re: why are you? To Pat 4/9/2003
Mounting evidence Chris 4/4/2003
Easy Does it Cowboy! T 4/5/2003
Chris Peace 4/5/2003
Peace has a Price Soldier for Christ 4/7/2003
God and Christainity. Chris 4/7/2003
proof of chemical weapons TomH 4/5/2003
Even more proof TomH 4/7/2003
TomH Shoshana 4/7/2003
and then... Joe 4/8/2003
Hang on Chris Pat 4/7/2003
People of the Lie Military Mom 4/5/2003
Human Shields DA 4/5/2003
War/Iraq Catherine C 4/5/2003
Islam kills Marmaduke 4/6/2003
Prayer of St. Francis Military Mom 4/6/2003
In answer to Military Mom Shoshana 4/6/2003
The Good Samaritan Bruce 4/7/2003
To Shoshana Military Mom 4/8/2003
Shoshana’s amazing reply to Militar... Soldier for Christ 4/8/2003
it HAS happened littleflower 4/9/2003
Colin Powell Speaks... Joe M 4/6/2003
It was too quiet in that room, Joe Pat 4/7/2003
war to liberate Iraq fv 4/6/2003
I’m confused....please explain Shoshana 4/7/2003
fv Maria 4/8/2003
To Whom Shall we GO Northstar 4/7/2003
Iraq War Mary 4/7/2003
Closing the board editor 4/8/2003
us/iraq zaine 4/8/2003
Leftists Not For Peace Gary 4/9/2003
To American Catholics John_D 4/9/2003

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