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Clergy Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church

How can the Catholic Church in the U.S. heal from the sex-abuse crisis?

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Clergy Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church Author Date

The real scandal Ben 9/9/2002
the failure of the bishops Mary 6/3/2003
Re: the failure of the bishops Richard L 6/9/2003
The Real Scandal Suzanne 6/5/2003
Scandal Interested Party (outside looking in) 6/19/2003
Proper Label for Larry 6/5/2003
scandal in the church npd in north carolina 6/8/2003
The Real Scandal Amos 6/22/2003
Direct TV Ralph 9/21/2002
Direct TV response Robby 6/16/2003
to TXHeat grateful 10/21/2002
Vatican’s Response Angie 10/21/2002
Break from Rome Chris 10/24/2002
Laity Response Danny 6/1/2003
i dunno what to ask my priest Rae 10/26/2002
Too little, too late... E 10/30/2002
Sexual abuse by preist &Media Byron Bayze 11/11/2002
Sex abuse and cover up P 11/11/2002
Where I stand Steve 12/11/2002
Remove and Replace Wondering 11/12/2002
Respect for our Bishops Judy 11/13/2002
Judy Wondering 11/14/2002
to wondering Judy 11/15/2002
Judy Bullets 11/18/2002
re. Bullets Judy 11/18/2002
respect for bishops vlf 6/22/2003
Crisis in the Priesthood Shoshana 11/12/2002
To Shoshana Cecelia 11/13/2002
to Cecelia littleflower 11/15/2002
I need some help Sarah 11/13/2002
Just some thoughts... E 11/14/2002
to E...on your thoughts littleflower 11/15/2002
thanks E 11/17/2002
To Sarah Daniel 11/15/2002
Sexual Abuse, clergy, pedophilia, media Cradle Catholic 11/13/2002
To Cradle Catholic P 11/15/2002
Re;Sexual abuse to children tenshinza 12/3/2002
to tenshinza Maria 12/6/2002
Bishops of Old Chris 12/3/2002
Wednesday’s Debate on Accountabilit... Sam 11/14/2002
bishops handling of ex abuse crisis Charlie 11/15/2002
Need for Prayer geobehra 11/18/2002
Bishop Accountability Pete 12/5/2002
Homosexuality is cause for concern Near Victim Speaks 12/6/2002
Bishop’s Responsibility Stan M 12/7/2002
Your Questions Georgio F 12/10/2002
Bishops’ responsibility in sexual a... Dee 12/10/2002
Sexual abuse of children by priests Norma 12/11/2002
Smoking Gun Jhouston 12/11/2002
Smoking Gun Tony 12/11/2002
To Jhouston Michelle 12/12/2002
Smoking Gun Mark T 12/15/2002
to Mark T Maria 12/16/2002
Church as witness Gloryb 12/11/2002
to GloryB & Giorgio Maria 12/12/2002
Defending our Faith SJP 12/13/2002
defending our faith Roly 12/15/2002
Clergy Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church Anita 12/12/2002
To Anita Tony 12/15/2002
To Tony Michelle 12/16/2002
To Michelle Tony 12/18/2002
Exodus 19 Bruce 6/8/2003
Law Resigns Norm 12/13/2002
Bankrupcy? huh... sell some of the wealt... Cowboy 12/13/2002
To Cowboy Maria 12/16/2002
Golden Calfers? Daniel 6/1/2003
The truth in the closet of the true chur... Archbishop Laud 12/14/2002
Holy Women a prophet 12/17/2002
WOMAN POPE??? That urges on heretical Matt M 12/18/2002
Priestly Abuse in general Mike 12/16/2002
Priest able to Marry! Evelyn 12/17/2002
Clergy Sex Abuse Jude 12/17/2002
Clergy sex abuse Marie 12/18/2002
obedience anon 12/18/2002
Questions about the Church Sue 12/18/2002
sex abuse & catholicism abby 12/19/2002
What is the real problem? Alejandro Scopelli 12/19/2002
Clergy Sex Abuse CEaster 12/19/2002
Re: Child abuse Terry 6/9/2003
Whats Wrong with Traditional.. Joe M 5/28/2003
NO MORE drunk w/ POWER Patrick Michael 5/29/2003
Power Faith 6/6/2003
Patrick Michael !!!! Joe M 6/6/2003
Jesus must be PROUD Patrick Michael 6/10/2003
Put it away Joe M 6/12/2003
Making it better... Bruce 6/7/2003
Pardon? Pat 6/12/2003
RE: Pardon-Pat Faith 6/14/2003
Oh no, you don’t Pat 6/18/2003
Ergo-Pat Faith 6/20/2003
Politics of the Faith Patrick Michael 6/18/2003
Dogmas Bruce 6/20/2003
Patrick Michael Pat 6/20/2003
Mandated Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse Jim O 5/28/2003
Mandated Reporting. Jim O 5/28/2003
Punish? AZBill 6/4/2003
clergy sexual abuse CA girl 6/7/2003
Not difficult to reply Bruce 6/7/2003
The greatest sin of all Tony 6/16/2003
Homosexual Priests Destroying The Cathol... Gary 6/11/2003
The Priesthood is dying Mary Jane 6/13/2003
The church is not growing in the US Fern 6/21/2003
Dear Gary sqwid 6/13/2003
Breaks My Heart me 6/16/2003
to breaks my heart brigid 6/18/2003
Forgiveness Fern 6/21/2003
Pray,pay and obey Ward S 6/22/2003

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