Catholic sacramentals are sacred signs that resemble the sacraments. Sacramentals include actions such as the Sign of the Cross, fasting, genuflections and novenas and objects such as medals, rosaries, statues and holy water.
Catholic Sacramentals
Connect With the Sacraments
This Catholic Update explains how Catholics view and honor the saints and Jesus through images, statues, crucifixes and other objects, taking care to distinguish worship from symbols of veneration or respect.
More on Sacramentals
Listed below are articles on holy water, candles, ashes, fasting, Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, novenas, shrines, pilgrimages, benediction, scapulars, rosaries, statues, saint devotion and genuflection. Learn how these gestures and items remind us of God and connect us with the sacraments.
Adoration/ Benediction
Advent Calendar
Ashes/ Palms
Holy Water
Stations of the Cross
Statues/ Devotions to Saints
Listen to episodes of American Catholic Radio that explore Catholic traditions and sacramentals: use of incense during Mass, candles, prayer to saints, Sign of the Cross, bowing before Communion, pilgrimage, devotion to Mary and rosary prayer.


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