Friar Jack Takes His Words to San Francisco

On September 27, 2001, Father Jack Wintz, O.F.M., ("Friar Jack") teams up with San Francisco Father Floyd Lotito to make a special presentation to San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. The friars will present to the mayor a copy of Jack Wintz's new book, St. Francis in San Francisco, illustrated by Kathy Baron. The mayor will depart soon thereafter for Assisi, Italy, San Francisco's sister city and St. Francis' birthplace, to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis with the Assisians.

San Francisco has a long connection to the Franciscans--of course the early Spanish Franciscan missionaries named the mission after St. Francis, just as they named many other missions in the West that would eventually become great cities. Los Angeles, for another example, is named after Our Lady of Angels, to whom St. Francis had a special devotion.

In recent years Friar Floyd has conducted a large, public blessing of the animals at St. Boniface parish, San Francisco, on or near the Feast of St. Francis, which is October 4. In fact, animal blessings occur in many places in the spirit of St. Francis at this time of year.

Friar Jack has been writing about the spiritual reasons for pet blessings in his monthly e-newsletter column in Friar Jack's E-spirations. We invite you to read his recent columns and learn about the beautiful vision of St. Francis of Assisi that is behind Friar Jack's writing, and his new children's book. And, we invite you to sign up to receive Friar Jack's E-spirations each month by e-mail.

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St. Francis of Assisi: Lover of All Creation
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