God's Living Light

One e-mail sent to me this month was from "sunny Puerto Rico." It came from a kind woman who picked up on my seeing the Internet as a "positive force for good" and as an expression of God's loving presence around the world.

"I, too, see the Internet as an extension of the Church," she affirmed. "We can communicate with our brothers and sisters around the world in a matter of minutes."

The Internet can be an instrument for good or evil--for the "glory of God" or "the work of Satan," she added. Others commented on the potential of the Internet "to be God's 'body.'" But they also warned that we should be aware of the moral dangers. In this regard, pornography was mentioned or hinted at more than once in the e-mails sent to me.

I think I can accurately express the sentiments of many of you by saying, "The God of light is everywhere, but anyone can chose to reject the Light."

As part of my getting up routine most mornings, I try to cheer myself with the following exercise. I open my venetian blinds and "drink in" with my eyes the light of the morning sky, perhaps even the radiant sun. I let it invade my soul. I ask God to take away any darkness or gloom from my heart that I may try my best to serve God cheerfully and with an ever-lighter step.

Light is such a wonderful symbol of God. It helps us see God not so much as a gloomy moralist, but primarily as our wonderful source of light and beauty and overflowing goodness--which is much closer to the truth and avoids being an insult to our All-Good Creator, who said "Let there be light!"

St. Francis had a fascination with God's light. You'll find my reflection on Francis and light at the end of this e-mail, so read on.


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St. Francis had a fascination with God's light. In his "Canticle of Brother Sun," in which he praises God through all creatures, Francis praises God, first of all, through the "beauty" and "radiant splendor" of Brother Sun--which is a marvelous image of God according to Francis. My advice is: Do yourself a favor and open yourself to the light of God by soaking up the light of Brother Sun. Do this in the gentle spirit of the following poem received from a kind e-mail-writer in response to my reflections on "God as light" in last month's E-spirations. It is reprinted with the author's permission:

Open Like a Flower

Open like a flower, Receive the morning sun; Let the light shine through Til the day is done. -- Helen M. Nowak

"It is truly wonderful," Helen adds, "to let our Lord's light shine through us!"

Join me in saying: Amen! --Friar Jack


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