December 23, 2008
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Hope for Peace and Security
As a new year begins, we are allowed room for a little hope. Our personal hopes and dreams extend to the whole world. I’m certain that we all start 2009 with a hope that this year will bring a more peaceful world. 
In addition, our democracy is witnessing one of its most significant benchmarks in 2009: the inauguration of a new president. After his election last November, President-elect Barack Obama received the congratulations of the U.S. bishops. Cardinal Francis George, in his capacity as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, wrote that in this “historic election…the people of our country have entrusted you with a great responsibility.”
Certainly foremost among our concerns as we begin a new year are the future of our families in the face of the economic crisis and the reality of war and terrorism facing the world. In 1968, Pope Paul VI called on all people of the world to celebrate the “World Day of Peace” on January 1. Every year since, that day has been celebrated by Catholics and non-Catholics alike and is marked by a special annual peace message from the Holy Father.
Our ACR year opens with the themes of peace and political responsibility—two dimensions of our national life that are so very appropriate for January. May your and your listeners’ hopes for security and peace be fulfilled in this new year!
Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (#09-01, #09-02)
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Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
Cardinal Joseph L. Bernardin is featured in the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults as an American Catholic whose personal courage in the face of physical and emotional trials endeared him not only to his flock in Chicago but also to people near and far. Part of his work in leadership included helping the U.S. bishops produce a groundbreaking pastoral letter on peace.
Living Faith
Pax Christi USA, the national Catholic peace movement, awarded Mary Joan and Jerry Park with their Teacher of Peace Award. Mary Joan talks about the Peace Camps that she and her husband have been running since 1981. "Little Friends for Peace" equips children with the skills of nonviolence.
Ask a Franciscan
Father Dan Kroger responds to questions: What is meant by benediction and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament? What is the correct way to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation?
Portrait of Paul
Paul the ‘Troublemaker’
In observance of the Year of St. Paul, we bring you another “Portrait of Paul” from Father Norman Langenbrunner. From the viewpoint of a Roman official in any one of a number of cities in Asia Minor and beyond, St. Paul had a rather notorious reputation. Trouble seems to have accompanied many of his missionary appearances—violent personal reactions, imprisonment and corporal punishments, even riots!
Exploring Our Faith
Our guest on today’s “Exploring Our Faith” is Franciscan Father Robert Bruno, an Air Force colonel currently assigned as chaplain in the Religious Affairs Office of the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Father Bob’s work has taken him around the world where Air Force personnel serve, and has earned him a number of awards and commendations. Producer John Feister talks to him about the role of a military chaplain who is also a Franciscan committed to being an “instrument of peace.”
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
Thomas More
Catholics have not shied away from the realm of politics and faith. This 15th- and 16th-century political leader in England under King Henry VIII served in one of his nation’s highest posts. His faith and courage truly make him a “man for all seasons.”
Living Faith
Tom Sheridan began his career as a social worker and eventually founded The Sheridan Group, where he and his team work to craft effective strategies for socially responsible public policy initiatives. He uses his knowledge of the legislative process to help organizations achieve positive social change on a global scale.
Ask a Franciscan
Father Don Miller answers questions: What is excommunication and what actions merit it? May a pregnant woman have an acupuncture treatment that was recommended by her doctor?
Portrait of Paul
Paulís Letter to the Romans
In observance of the Year of St. Paul, Father Norman Langenbrunner focuses on Paulís letter in the New Testamentófirst in length and theological content. Father Norm gives us a snapshot of this important statement of Paulís theology.
Exploring Our Faith
Sister Mary Ann Walsh currently serves as director for media relations at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. She covered the Vatican as Rome correspondent for Catholic News Service and was a Church spokesperson on national and international TV and radio during the 2005 papal transition. She also edited the award-winning book John Paul II: A Light for the World. Producer John Feister talks to Sister Mary Ann about how the Church in the United States will relate to our new president and his administration in the months and years ahead.
Franciscan Radio
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American Catholic Radio
A weekly half-hour catechetical program, in the popular style of the Franciscans.
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