October 31, 2007
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Praying for the Dead, Bereavement Ministry and Veterans’ Day
Catholics have a long tradition—based in our faith—of praying for the dead. We honor our loved ones who have died with many unique cultural rituals, which fit well into the Church’s central liturgical rites for funerals, and with the celebration of All Souls Day, November 2. American Catholic Radio examines how, despite the fact that death is a part of life, it is so easy in our contemporary American culture to deny death. We don’t like to think about it, and when death takes someone close to us, our lives often come to a halt. Grief at losing a spouse, a parent, a child or a good friend can overwhelm us.
ACR welcomes two guests to help us get in touch with our Catholic belief and practice in the face of death and grieving. In our “Living Faith” segment, Judy Zarick interviews Sister Mary Ann Wachtel, Executive Director of the National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved. In recent years bereavement ministry, the Church’s outreach to the grieving in local parishes, has grown and become a valued service. Sister Mary Ann tells us about her ministry and why it is so important for the Church.
To share with us the bigger perspective of our Catholic beliefs, John Feister talks with theologian Phyllis Zagano. Dr. Zagano, who teaches at Hofstra University, explains why Catholics believe it’s necessary and helpful to pray for the dead.
Among our beloved dead are our military veterans, who are memorialized in November.  As the conflict in Iraq continues to take its toll in lives of Iraqi soldiers and civilians, American military and the forces of other nations, American Catholics seek to form their consciences about the justice of the war. Our current Holy Father, as well as his predecessor and the American bishops, have raised grave moral questions about the waging of this war. ACR presents two guests to help us in forming our conscience:
In “Living Faith,” Judy Zarick speaks with Chris Korzen who, heads up Catholics United, a grassroots organization oriented toward ending war in Iraq and beyond. Chris was exposed to Catholic social teaching in college and now tries to live out his faith as he deals with issues and problems our society faces, including the war in Iraq. 
In "Exploring Our Faith," Executive Producer John Feister talks with a former military chaplain, Franciscan Father Louis V. Iasiello, about the just war theory and the moral issues facing us. Father Iasiello is president of Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C., and served in the Navy for 25 years, retiring at the rank of rear admiral. At retirement, he was Chief of Navy Chaplains. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the requirements of moral conduct in waging war, so he’s well-equipped to talk about our Church’s teaching on this sensitive subject.
We seek to  present Catholic teaching objectively and with lively guests who can help your listeners understand complex issues clearly. Thanks for helping us in our mission of teaching and evangelizing!
Fr. Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (November 5, November 12)
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Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
St. Frances of Rome
Living Faith
Sister Mary Ann Wachtel, a member of the Sisters for Christian Community and Executive Director of the National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved, tells us about her ministry and why it is so important for the Church.
Ask a Franciscan
Why do we fold our hands when we pray? Why is there temporal punishment for sins even after the sin is forgiven?
Bible Break
“Promise and Fulfillment” read by Kimberly Hahn, from Journey Through Scripture, by Kimberly Hahn and Michael Barber
Exploring Our Faith
Dr. Phyllis Zagano talks about the Catholic practice of prayer for the dead.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
Joseph L. Bernardin
Living Faith
Chris Korzen heads Catholics United, a grassroots organization oriented toward ending war in Iraq and beyond.
Ask a Franciscan
Does performing household chores break the command to keep the Lord’s day holy? How does the Church view living wills and health care directives? Are some people really mediums between our world and the spirit world?
Bible Break
“Reconciliation” read by Father Ronald Witherup, S.S., from 101 Questions and Answers on Paul, published by Paulist Press
Exploring Our Faith
Louis Iasiello, O.F.M., President of Washington Theological Union and former Rear Admiral and Chief Naval Chaplain, talks about our observance of Veterans’ Day and the Church’s perspective on things “military,” including the war in Iraq.
Franciscan Radio
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