October 28, 2009
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Personal Paths to Holiness

I recently returned from my annual retreat. My usual custom has been to “retreat” to a vacation home owned by my cousins, located on the South Fork of the Cumberland River in Kentucky. I bring books; some other meditation helps—perhaps several movies; food to cook; and my camera. My “retreat director”?  Well, I try to let the Holy Spirit take that role!

Of course, I often find the first few days a struggle to let go of my schedule, my concerns with work back home, and—more importantly—my own obstacles to the spiritual life. My “path” to spirituality begins in my daily life, where my vocation, my ministry, my personal life, all combine to be the beginning-point of my faith-journey. My spiritual director helps me to be grounded there, and also reminds me to keep “turning things over” to God.

On retreat, his challenge translates to: How do I meet those hours of struggle?  “Letting go” is a grace in itself!  When thoughts and cares and expectations become a confusing burden, God seems to say, “O.K., now will you let me lead you where I would like to take you?”

This year’s retreat found me revisiting old themes from my life, mixed in with a few new directions.  Out in the beautiful hills of Southeastern Kentucky, all those themes seemed to stand out clearly. Even when the days were cloudy and rain-filled, I found the space and the quiet to hear how God might be speaking to me.

I share these personal retreat reflections as a way to highlight our current American Catholic Radio themes—personal holiness and Latina spirituality.  Both are grounded in the practical, as ACR talks with experts in the spiritual life and real-life Catholics who struggle day-to-day, as I do, to listen to God.  “Tune in” along with us this month!

Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
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Highlights from this episode include:

Living Faith
Sr. Juana Mendez is a Sister of Charity in Covington, KY.  For many years she has been working with the Hispanic Ministry in her area. She provides a place for them to come and get the assistance they need, while offering them opportunities to grow in faith.

Ask a Franciscan
Father Dan Kroger responds to questions: How do we know which of our sins are mortal and which are venial?  Do we really become the Body of Christ through reception of the Eucharist?

Marriage Moment
Jim and Susan Vogt, who’ve been doing marriage preparation with couples for over 30 years, answer the question, How do you nurture marital spirituality?”

Exploring Our Faith
Doctor Michelle A. Gonzalez is assistant professor of Religious Studies at the University of Miami.  . Her research and teaching interests are in Latino and Latina, Latin American and feminist theologies, as well as interdisciplinary work in Afro-Cuban Studies. She is the author of several books, including Embracing Latina Spirituality: A Woman’s Perspective, part of the “Called to Holiness” series, published by St. Anthony Messenger Press.  She addresses the spirituality of Latina women in the United States.
Highlights from this episode include:

Living Faith
Jason Evert writes for “Catholic Answers,” is a frequent feature on various Catholic radio programs and speaks on chastity to young people with his wife, Crystalina. Jason has written 10 books and speaks to over 100,000 teens each year in Catholic, Christian, and public junior and senior high schools as well as universities.

Ask a Franciscan
Father Don Miller responds to questions: Why pray when it doesn't change the outcome of an event?  Is a sick elderly person's refusal of food a suicide attempt?

Marriage Moment
Nationally-known marriage ministers, retreat leaders, educators and motivational speakers Andrew and Terri Lyke answer the question, How does having a mission statement help a marriage?”

Exploring Our Faith
Father Thomas G. Morrow, is a priest of the archdiocese of Washington, DC. He holds a doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. He’s written devotional booklets and Catholic leaflets, and most recently authored Be Holy: A Catholic’s Guide to the Spiritual Life, a Servant Book published by St. Anthony Messenger Press.  He speaks about the path to personal holiness.
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