September 21, 2007
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Bible Break
God speaks to us through the Bible. We all know that as Catholics. We hear parts of the Bible each Sunday, and we may even pick it up now and then to read. But lots of Catholics are still “afraid” of the Bible—strange as that might sound! Here at American Catholic Radio, we want your listeners to have a positive, enriching encounter with the Scriptures, so we’ve begun a new weekly feature. A team of biblical scholars is preparing short presentations on a variety of scriptural topics. Our first two:
• Jesuit Father Daniel Harrington will help us appreciate how the Bible is the Word of God but written in human language.
• Kimberly Hahn will unlock some of the secrets of the Book of Genesis, offering background to the debate around the theory of evolution versus the creation of the world as the Bible describes it. 
Look for more “Bible Breaks” in each week’s American Catholic Radio.
Also ahead in our program lineup are some great interviews:
• An Islamic scholar explains jihad and discusses how Islam’s definition of jihad differs from the media's portrayal of it.
• A former advertising executive, who became a religious sister, tells us how she’s now advertising for God, recruiting vocations for the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan.
• A Catholic programmer for satellite radio shares how he brings a Catholic perspective to the world around us.
• Help for parents who want to teach their children about sexual abstinence.
Franciscan Radio strives to be Catholic, current and captivating!  Keep us in your radio ministry, and let us know about topics and personalities you’d like to hear on American Catholic Radio each week!  God bless you!
Fr. Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (September 24, October 1)
Use the links below to preview the shows or download them in MP3 format for broadcast.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
Msgr. Martin B. Hellriegel
Living Faith
Rob Astorino, program director of the Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, talks about how he came to work in Catholic radio and why radio is a good way to evangelize a new generation of Catholics.
Ask a Franciscan
Why does Ezekiel state that Pharaoh was buried among the uncircumcised? Do seven and four have a special significance in the Book of Revelation? Does Paul say that salvation once gained cannot be lost?
Bible Break
“The Word of God in Human Language” read by Father Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., from How Do Catholics Read the Bible?
Exploring Our Faith
Pam Stenzel gave live presentations to children about issues of chastity, purity and good choices.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
St. Juan Diego
Living Faith
Sister Mary Ann Foggin, director of vocation services for the Diocese of Lansing, was a successful advertising executive on the professional fast track until God stepped in.
Ask a Franciscan
How does the Church view the ordinations of Episcopalian priests? What are good suggestions for Catholic podcasts?
Bible Break
“In the Beginning” read by Kimberly Hahn, from Genesis to Jesus by Kimberly Hahn and Michael Barber
Exploring Our Faith
Dr. Irfan Omar, who teaches theology at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, explains an oft-misunderstood term from the Muslim world: jihad.
Franciscan Radio
Link to audio features Saint of the Day, Sunday Soundbites, and American Catholic Radio.
American Catholic Radio
A weekly half-hour catechetical program, in the popular style of the Franciscans.
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