July 7, 2006
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Saints, Missionaries and Sacred Art
When I was a boy, there were a couple areas of Catholic life that captured my imagination. I read lots of lives of the saints, and was fascinated by the paintings of the saints—dozens of them—which graced the walls of our parish church. I knew that many of the saints had been missionaries. I read their stories, and eventually got to meet real-life missionaries who came to our parish.
Throughout our world today, missionaries still proclaim the message of the gospel in a variety of cultures.  Mageen White Testa, co-director of the Franciscan Mission Service (FMS), will tell your listeners how FMS prepares lay missionaries to work in Franciscan mission settings around the world.
We’ve lined up two religious artists who continue the ancient tradition of telling stories of the saints through art. Brother Mickey O’Neill McGrath loves to explore the relationship between art and faith. Pat Benincasa left the world of secular art to produce sacred art to touch people's hearts.
Let American Catholic Radio capture the imagination of your listeners!
Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
American Catholic Radio : Upcoming Episodes (July 10, July 17)
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Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
St. Martha
Living Faith
Teens take part in a nationally acclaimed talk show that reaches out to young people looking for answers to many of the issues they face in today’s world and helps them to deal with those issues through a Catholic perspective.
Ask a Franciscan
Was Henry VIII the first to request an annulment? What does the Church say will happen at the end of the world? What is the role of nuns in the Church?
Catholic Treasure
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Exploring Our Faith
Mageen White Testa, co-director of the Franciscan Mission Service in Washington, D.C., talks about the work of lay missioners.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
Pope Leo XIII
Living Faith
Pat Benincasa left secular art to work on sacred art that would touch people’s hearts. She tends to concentrate on the saints’ lives and has designed a medal of St. Joan of Arc specifically for the soldiers in Iraq.
Ask a Franciscan
How do ordinary Catholics participate in the Church’s missionary apostolate? How are those who convert on their deathbeds saved? How can my Protestant husband prepare for our baby’s Catholic Baptism?
Catholic Treasure
Exploring Our Faith
Mickey O’Neill McGrath, Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, artist, writer and speaker, explains how he creates his contemporary images of saints.
Franciscan Radio
Link to audio features Saint of the Day, Sunday Soundbites, and American Catholic Radio.
American Catholic Radio
A weekly half-hour catechetical program, in the popular style of the Franciscans.
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