June 24, 2009
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The Fruits of Travel

There’s a white board outside my office cubicle which I use to keep my co-workers updated about my weekly schedule. It has become a necessity since I became a pastor of the inner-city parish, which is located next to the offices of St. Anthony Messenger Press. I usually devote a greater part of two weekdays to parish work, in addition to weekends. But occasionally, pastoral duties call me away from my ministry of Catholic radio and other forms of the new media. A funeral at the parish or an emergency run to the hospital may take me away from my desk here.

This is in contrast to previous times in my life when ministry for the Franciscans or assignments for our media company have called me to locales far from our neighborhood: Assisi, Italy, Jamaica, the American Southwest, and, last year, the Middle East. My travels—and my frequent-flyer mileage—have decreased substantially since I became a local pastor!

In this lineup of shows, you will hear fruits of travels near and far. My own take on “faith formation” has been influenced by meeting Jesuit Father Paolo Dall’Oglio in the Syrian desert as well as married couples preparing for their wedding, meeting in my office. It’s my privilege, along with my fellow radio team members, to bring you the experience of our travels and our ministry each week on American Catholic Radio.

Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M.

American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (#09-27, #09-28)
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Highlights from this episode include:

Living Faith
Catholic radio hosts Greg and Jennifer Willits of Conyers, Georgia, are part of our team of married couples for our new feature, “Marriage Moment.”

Ask a Franciscan
Father Hilarion Kistner responds to questions: What was Jesus' life like before his public ministry? How do I begin reading the Bible? In the Our Father, is trespasses or debts the right translation, and is there a difference? In the Book of Revelation (chapter 7), does the number 144,000 represent the number of people going to heaven?

Marriage Moment
Catholic radio hosts Greg and Jennifer Willits answer the question, “Why does prayer matter for Catholic couples?”

Exploring Our Faith
Jesuit Father Paolo Dall’Oglio is an Italian priest who came to Syria in the mid-1980s to learn Arabic. While there, he made a retreat at Deir Mar Musa, an abandoned sixth-century monastery in the middle of the Syrian Desert. Father Paolo was inspired to rebuild the monastery and found a contemplative order dedicated to prayer and hospitality, especially to Muslim pilgrims who visit by the thousands each year, along with Christians and others interested in dialogue. He speaks with producer John Feister.

Highlights from this episode include:

Living Faith
Dr. Greg Popcak is a nationally recognized Catholic psychotherapist and author of six books. His wife, Lisa, is a professional educator, home-schooling mom and professional life coach. She is also a regular feature writer for Catholic Parent magazine. They are part of our team of married couples for our new feature, “Marriage Moment.”

Ask a Franciscan
Father Greg Friedman responds to questions: What role does a nun play in the Church? Is it still current practice to have a Mass said for someone?

Marriage Moment
Greg and Lisa Popcack answer the question: “What do you think of the idea of ‘man as head of the house,’ ‘woman as the heart’?”

Exploring Our Faith
John Michael Talbot is a musician and spiritual teacher. He is founder and spiritual leader of The Little Portion Hermitage and The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, begun in 1982 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. There, about 40 members live in community and are linked with some 500 other members who live in their own homes worldwide. Talbot has produced more than 40 recordings over the years, selling in the millions, and he has also authored 14 books, written numerous magazine articles and performs up to 50 concerts a year. He speaks with producer John Feister.
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