May 14, 2008
Upcoming Programs
‘Worldly Lives,’ Conversion and Healing
In our upcoming American Catholic Radio (ACR) programs, segment producer Judy Zarick fills in for regular host Father Greg Friedman. In program #08-21, both our featured saint, Margaret of Cortona, and “Living Faith” guest, Timothy Burns, led “worldly lives” prior to courageous and miraculous conversions. Hear how God touches them and leads them to good. Plus, Franciscan Father Dan Kroger answers a question about the sacrament of anointing of the sick as it relates to forgiveness of sin, and tackles what the Church teaches about Satan. Producer John Feister talks to Jesuit Father Jim Martin about “Catholic laughter” and the role of humor in the life of faith.
On Friday, May 30, the Church celebrates the Sacred Heart of Jesus. More than ever, the world is in need of the healing grace and love of God. Such healing is a focal point of our #08-22 program. Judy Zarick speaks to Quenton and Ann Czuba who have rediscovered the role of penance and prayer in the work of reconciliation. Also, John Feister speaks with Dr. Jim Burns about how we can build up one another and our marriages in simple yet profound ways, strengthening our relationships with each other and with God.
Matt Wielgos, producer, American Catholic Radio
American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (#08-21, #08-22)
Use the links below to preview the shows or download them in MP3 format for broadcast.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
St. Margaret of Cortona lived a worldly life before coming to embrace the love of God. Her conversion took her from destructive passions to a life of grace-filled passion.
Living Faith
Timothy Burns credits Mary with helping him return to the Catholic Church after living a wild Hollywood lifestyle that almost destroyed him. He and his wife, who also lived in the fast lane, have begun Fallen Back Catholic apostolate to help others see the light of Christ.
Ask a Franciscan
Franciscan Father Dan Kroger answers questions:
• Does the sacrament of anointing of the sick forgive sins?
• What does the Church teach about Satan?
Bible Break
Jesuit Father Daniel Harrington explores the significance of meals in the scriptures and how, in the gospels, meals ultimately point to the promise of God in heaven for eternity.
Exploring Our Faith
Producer John Feister explores the roles of joy, humor and laughter as an important part of the Catholic spiritual tradition. Father Jim Martin, S.J., helps us look at how the saints and the great spiritual masters understood humor, and how they used it to move toward greater wholeness and holiness in life.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
We visit with St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, the woman responsible for promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We celebrate that feast this week.
Living Faith
Quenton and Ann Czuba of Portland, Oregon, began handing out sackcloth ribbons to parishioners to atone for the clergy sex-abuse scandal. Wearing the sackcloth ribbons is an outward sign to others that they are praying for those who are grieving.
Ask a Franciscan
Franciscan Father Don Miller helps us understand:
• What the Church teaches about reception of Holy Communion after divorce and re-marriage;
• How Church law is binding on Catholics and what circumstances make us more or less culpable.
Bible Break
A perspective on the story of the persistent widow is shared by Franciscan scripture scholar Sister Barbara Leonhard.
Exploring Our Faith
John Feister talks with Dr. Jim Burns, president of Home-Word, about how we can be "married better" by intentionally bringing spirituality and spiritual disciplines into married life.
Franciscan Radio
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American Catholic Radio
A weekly half-hour catechetical program, in the popular style of the Franciscans.
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