Mar. 31, 2010
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An Easter "Mystery"

As the Easter season begins to unfold before us, Catholics are challenged by mystagogy. This Greek term, used to describe the 50 days of Easter, means "going deeper into the mystery." What's the mystery? It's not a "Sherlock Holmes" mystery story, with a clever detective trying to figure out a crime. Rather, as author Barbara Hixon says, mystagogy is "the discovery of the sacred in the heart of the profane." In the midst of everyday life, Catholics must look for God present.

In the Gospel of Luke, two disciples flee Jerusalem after Jesus' death. On the road to Emmaus, they meet the Risen Jesus. He's a stranger to them; they don't recognize him. But he proceeds to explain to them the connection between his death and the religious tradition they know well. The disciples' conversation with Jesus is so compelling that they cannot let him go. They invite him to supper, where he reveals himself in the breaking of the bread.

The Emmaus Story story is what these Easter days—what mystagogy—is all about. We must let Jesus walk with us through the ordinary events of everyday life. He will make the connections for us to God. He will transform our human encounters. He will reveal himself in the breaking of the bread. Happy Easter!

Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (#10-15 , #10-16)
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Highlights from this episode include:

Living Faith
Producer Judy Zarick interviews Mercy Sister Marilyn Lacey, Exexcutive Director and Board Chair of "Mercy Beyond Borders." This organization seeks to improve the lives of displaced women and children living in extreme poverty, and is currently targeting southern Sudan.

Ask a Franciscan
Father Hilarion Kistner answers biblical questions about both Old and New Testament topics, especially on the person and teachings of Jesus.

Marriage Moment
The U.S. Bishops' multiyear Pastoral Initiative for Marriage continues in 2010, offering support and practical assistance to married couples. American Catholic Radio provides a weekly "Marriage Moment," where we ask a husband and wife to answer a question about the challenge of living their special sacrament. On today's "Marriage Moment," Greg and Jennifer Willits, hosts of their own talk radio show, The Catholics Next Door, tackle the question,"How do you blend personalities in a marriage?"

Exploring Our Faith
As we look forward to the annual observance of Divine Mercy Sunday, Producer John Feister interviews Jesuit Father James Keenan, professor of moral theology and ethics at Boston College. He is a prolific author, and most recently wrote a Catholic Update article entitled "The Works of Mercy: Heart of Catholic Identity."
Highlights from this episode include:

Living Faith
Producer Judy Zarick talks with Patrick Keenan, Formation Director for "Hopeworks 'N Camden." Located in a severely depressed area of New Jersey, Hopeworks empowers youth to identify and develop their dreams and own their future.

Ask a Franciscan
ACR host Father Greg Friedman answers questions: How does the Church view the validity of the ordination of Episcopal priests? How are patron saints chosen for various causes?

Marriage Moment
Marriage and life counselors Greg and Lisa Popcak address the topic of cohabitation: We know cohabitation is wrong in the eyes of the Church, how can we explain this to others? How do we approach friends that are cohabiting?

Exploring Our Faith
Producer John Feister talks with ACR's resident biblical scholar, Franciscan Father Hilarion Kistner, about the scriptural selections Catholics will be listening to throughout the Easter season.
Franciscan Radio
Link to audio features Saint of the Day, Sunday Soundbites, and American Catholic Radio.
American Catholic Radio
A weekly half-hour catechetical program, in the popular style of the Franciscans.
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