Mar. 17, 2010
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Conversion: Does It Ever End?

I don't know about you, but to me Lent seems to be the longest of the Church's liturgical seasons—probably because it's the only one that puts real demands on us. Catholics are working hard during Lent (more about "working Lent" in a moment)! We're helping to "make" new Christians. The "catechumens" are called "the elect" after the First Sunday of Lent, when these candidates for Baptism were "elected" and approved for the Easter Sacraments. They are now in the final days of preparation. Formation teams in parishes helping the process of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) are worrying about liturgies, white robes, schedules and practices. Pastors, worship committees and musicians are readying the complex rites of Holy Week and the Triduum. The candidates themselves must be anticipating this big "life change."

And what about all the rest of us?

Ordinary Catholics, we hope, have been walking a Lenten path of their own. They shouldn't be isolated from all the RCIA stuff—after all, the purpose of Lent is to prepare the catechumens. In fact, the Lent of all Catholics is meant to be, in part, an act of solidarity with the candidates for Baptism. But Lent is also about the kind of personal conversion that is the ongoing work of every Catholic.

It's ongoing because we Catholics, frankly, don't subscribe to a once-for-all, "I gave my life to Jesus" kind of conversion. No offense to fellow Christians intended here! Rather, it's a matter of perspective. Even if you committed to Christ as a teenager, or were baptized as an adult, doesn't every day offer choices (temptations?) to stray from that commitment? Doesn't every day present new opportunities to reinforce that choice of Jesus as personal savior?

Lent is a time of emphasizing that ongoing process of choosing. And, from our perspective, it is "work." It's difficult. It's a desert at times.

But there's also the caveat that all conversion, all Christian life, is "graced." That is, it is all a gift from God. Our Baptism as infants, our upbringing in Christian life, our adult choice for Jesus, our daily struggle with temptation, the "graced" moments when we see God's love at work: All these are gifts, all are made possible by God's power. Without God, we could not exist, much less walk the Lenten path.

So, yes, Lent seems long, and the conversion-road seems never to end. But if we think it's all our doing, abandoning the path will soon seem like a good choice. Let's not forget to let go, and allow God to woo us, entice us along the way, challenge us with choices and—yes—carry us over the rough stretches.

Our Franciscan Media Production Team has been offering you wonderful conversion stories all Lent long. Our Lenten Radio Retreat is online at Our colleagues at have plenty of Lenten features. Why not take us along during your final days of Lenten discovery

Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
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Highlights from this episode include:

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