February 6, 2008
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Lent and Preparing for Easter
Lent is one of the most important and obvious ways we Catholics mark our identity. Even our secular society knows that things are different for Catholics during this time of year. And it’s more than just fish specials on the menu! Key to observing Lent is the baptismal conversion of those preparing for the Easter sacraments and renewal of commitment for the rest of us. We pray and do penance to help us refocus our lives on what is promised in Baptism.
To help your listeners, Franciscan Radio offers three resources:
  • Lenten Radio Retreat: A six-week series in both English and Spanish, based on the Lenten Sunday gospels and led by various American bishops.
  • Sunday Soundbites: Short 90-second spots in which I reflect on the Lenten Sunday gospels.
  • American Catholic Radio: Our regular weekly program of information and inspiration.
  • ACR in particular will help your listeners understand this holy season. Our “Living Faith” segment will introduce them to those becoming Catholic this year as well as parishioners who are helping in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) around the country.
    ACR’s “Exploring Our Faith” segment will feature experts in Catholic teaching and practice, like Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco, who talks about the Lenten scriptures; he is also a featured speaker on Lenten Radio Retreat. Teacher and author Judith Dunlap will offer some tried-and-true ways we can mark Lent in our families and homes. 
    As a pastor, I find Lent to be one of the most important times of the Church to teach and inspire my parishioners by drawing on the liturgy and the rich tradition of the Church. Members of Franciscan Radio’s staff, with experience from many years of Catholic life in their own parishes and in the work of evangelization, are committed to that same mission on behalf of your listeners!
    Father Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
    American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (February 11, February 18)
    Use the links below to preview the shows or download them in MP3 format for broadcast.
    Highlights from this episode include:
    Saint of the Day
    St. Benedict the African
    Living Faith
    Chris Sagsveen, a convert from Lutheranism, just entered the Church this year. He talks about finding peace in the Catholic Church by combining the intellectual and the spiritual aspects of the faith.
    Ask a Franciscan
    Are we born again at Baptism, or is it a separate experience? Wasn’t Lot involved in immoral behavior in Sodom and Gomorrah? What’s the biblical basis for tithing?
    Bible Break
    “Salvation History” read by Kimberly Hahn, from Journey through Scripture: Genesis to Jesus, by Kimberly Hahn and Michael Barber.
    Exploring Our Faith
    Archbishop George Niederauer talks about Lenten Scriptures.
    Highlights from this episode include:
    Saint of the Day
    St. Peter Claver
    Living Faith
    Pauline Saskowsky is a recent convert who is active in her parish and RCIA group. Because of her enthusiasm for the Church, she has brought her husband back to the Church as well.
    Ask a Franciscan
    Listeners’ feedback segment
    Bible Break
    “Spirit and Flesh” read by Father Ronald Witherup, S.S., from 101 Questions and Answers on Paul.
    Exploring Our Faith
    Judith Dunlap talks about Lent from a family perspective.
    Lenten Radio Retreat
    Experience a “Radio Retreat” this Lent with U.S. Catholic bishops. Listen to inspiring words and songs for Sunday Lenten reflection.
    American Catholic Radio
    A weekly half-hour catechetical program, in the popular style of the Franciscans.
    This Lent feature is updated daily with meditations and celebration ideas.
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