January 23, 2008
Upcoming Programs
Christmas decorations are packed away, and now Lent is here! For me as a pastor, and personally, I need a breather before I can begin living into Lent! But Franciscan Radio is ready to help your listeners observe this holy season.
Once again this year, our Lenten Radio Retreat will use the talents of U.S. bishops with gospel-based reflections, as well as musical meditations.
American Catholic Radio’s “Living Faith” and “Exploring Our Faith” segments offer life experiences and expertise on the meaning of Lent. For example, we talk with Father Bob Hutmacher, O.F.M., who directs liturgy at Chicago’s St. Peter’s in the Loop Parish, where thousands line up each Ash Wednesday to receive ashes. ACR’s weekly “Minute Meditations, ”from author Phyllis Zagano, offers some “Stillness in Lent.” In my own wrap-up to each ACR, I’ll share some personal Lenten thoughts for listeners.
Lent shapes our baptismal identity, which is also influenced by great characters of Catholic history—martyrs who gave their lives as an act of faith in Jesus as well as personalities in the contemporary Church.
We’ve begun 2008 with portraits of “saints touched by slavery.” We also bring you a modern martyr, Sister Dorothy Stang, Sister of Notre Dame de Namur and missionary for 40 years, murdered in 2005 on a dirt road in Brazil. At the time of her death, she was helping landless families support themselves. One of Sister Dorothy’s contemporaries tells her story.
In addition, Judy Zarick interviews Jesuit Father James Martin, S.J., whose books on the saints are bestsellers. His latest book, A Jesuit Off-Broadway, chronicles his experiences with a New York acting troupe that produced a play about Judas Iscariot.
Lent is a busy time for all of us engaged in the task of the new evangelization. Let us at Franciscan Radio assist you in that blessed mission!
Fr. Greg Friedman, O.F.M.
American Catholic Radio: Upcoming Episodes (January 28, February 4)
Use the links below to preview the shows or download them in MP3 format for broadcast.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
St. Martin de Porres
Living Faith
Father James Martin talks about his new book, A Jesuit Off-Broadway, and how he was able to evangelize the people involved with the show The Life of Judas Iscariot.
Ask a Franciscan
How can I explain the works of mercy to my nephew who’s preparing for Confirmation? While traveling, should a Catholic observe the holy days of obligation in his home or where he is?
Bible Break
“Revelation, Inspiration, Inerrancy” read by Father Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., from How Do Catholics Read the Bible?
Exploring Our Faith
Sister Elizabeth Bowyer talks about Sister Dorothy Stang.
Highlights from this episode include:
Saint of the Day
St. Josephine Bakhita
Living Faith
Frank Hanna wins a philanthropic leadership award for charitable giving. His giving principles and success in business stem from his Catholic upbringing and morals.
Ask a Franciscan
Is salvation possible for those who claim to be atheists? Though I’m married, may I put my baby up for adoption? May military women serve in combat zones?
Bible Break
“Christ and the ‘End of the Law’” read by Father Ronald Witherup, S.S., from 101 Questions and Answers on Paul.
Exploring Our Faith
Father Bob Hutmacher, O.F.M., talks about how we can participate in the Lenten liturgy and grow in our spiritual lives this season.
Lenten Radio Retreat
Experience a “Radio Retreat” this Lent with U.S. Catholic bishops. Listen to inspiring words and songs for Sunday Lenten reflection.
American Catholic Radio
A weekly half-hour catechetical program, in the popular style of the Franciscans.
This Lent feature is updated daily with meditations and celebration ideas.
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