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May 7, 2014     
Eléonore H /

Savor Every Moment

Time is flying by! The summer will soon be upon us. Take some time this month to slow down the hectic pace and savor each moment, seeking the face of Jesus and listening for the voice of God. We offer some products that might help you with this effort to slow down and savor.

Good Eats
by Joan McKamey

When life is spent hurrying, we often hurry through our meals as well. My daughter, a student at the Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati, regularly tells me to slow down and savor my food. In Table of Plenty: Good Food for Body and Spirit (Stories, Reflections, Recipes), author Susan Muto emphasizes the importance of taking time to slow down and savor the cooking process as well as our meals. To this end, the recipes she provides are easy to follow and call for ingredients that are readily available and simple to prepare. Her stories ring true with warmth and accessibility and highlight the sense that sharing a meal recalls the Eucharist.

Muto invites readers into experiencing meals as a sacred time. Each recipe and meal becomes an opportunity for reflection on experiencing the goodness of God through the food we eat and the company we share (print book, audiobook).

Whether you’re a novice cook, highly experienced, or just enjoy good food, this book will bring you to a new understanding of the gift we share when we take the time to eat well. This might make a great gift for busy catechists and moms (or dads)!

Savoring the Season
by Joan McKamey

Many Catholics don’t realize that Easter lasts for 50 days. Help your community celebrate Easter all season long. Some Catholic Updates to help you in this effort are 

Acts of the Apostles  by Ronald D. Witherup

Scholar and author Ronald Witherup explores the earliest stories of the Church and the spiritual truths revealed in Acts.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?  by Elizabeth A. Johnson

Our faith is greatly enriched when we remember the Spirit’s role in the world and in our lives. Johnson writes, “The Holy Spirit is God’s presence and activity among us. The Holy Spirit is God, continuously drawing near and passing by to vivify, renew, and love us and the whole of creation.” This Catholic Update explores three areas where we can renew our understanding of the Holy Spirit: (1) our everyday encounter with the Spirit, (2) what Tradition teaches about the Spirit, and (3) the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

Sunday Mass: Easter All Year Long: Pope John Paul II’s ‘Celebrating the Lord’s Day’ (Dies Domini) in shortened form

“Sunday is a day which is at the very heart of the Christian life,” writes newly canonized St. John Paul II. “Sunday recalls the day of Christ’s resurrection. It is Easter which returns week by week celebrating Christ’s victory over sin and death, the fulfillment in him of the first creation and the dawn of ‘the new creation.’” He exhorts Catholics to make Sunday a day of rest and of celebration of the Eucharist in community.

Take Small Bites
by Angela Glassmeyer

The history of salvation can be a complicated thing to explain, but not with Father Leo Patalinghug! In Epic Food Fight: A Bite-sized History of Salvation, he uses a “theology of food” to help explain the struggle between good and evil.

You may know Father Leo from TV, radio, or the Grace Before Meals movement, so you may also know that he is never boring. Blending profound truths with humor and practical wit, he invites you to read, savor, and digest the truths of our faith in new and appetizing ways.
Check out Father Leo in the kitchen! He’s making some New York strip steaks and tropical fruit salad—and relating it to salvation history. Yum! (Wouldn’t it make a nice topic and treat for a book discussion group?)

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