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March 5, 2014 / Kwest

Celebrating Family

Does your family look anything like the photo above? What does a “family” look like today? Let’s consider resources to help us celebrate and build all families—whatever form they may take—as the “domestic church.”

But first, a brief commercial . . .


Join Joseph Girzone, author of Stories of Jesus: 40 Days of Prayer and Reflection (print book, audio book) and bestselling author of the Joshua series, LIVE on Ash Wednesday at 12:00 noon ET. He will talk with host Judy Zarick about Lent—what it means, why it’s important, and how to make the most of it. You can log in to the chat area to ask your own questions of Father Girzone. Register to participate here.

Building Strong Families
by Joan McKamey

There are few more important endeavors than helping parents raise their kids to be the people God calls them to be. Live Catholic is a new product designed to help you empower parents to take an active role in helping their children—from toddlers to teens—grow in faith. Four short videos and the accompanying reproducible handouts will accommodate flexible Church programming needs, while the leader’s guide helps the facilitator lead meaningful group discussions. Topics are
  • Faith Sharing and Praying at Home
  • Creating a Faith Environment in the Home
  • Faith Conversations
  • Missioning Faith
Encourage your families to pray together and live Catholic everyday with prayer cards (sold in packs of 50) and wristbands (youth, adult, sold in packs of 10).

Are you looking for something to share with all families and parish adults? Check out How to Raise Kids with Faith to get nine tips for growing healthy and holy family relationships.

Building Strong Marriages
by Joan McKamey

Strong families are ideally built on the foundation of strong marriages. But what is the secret to a strong marriage? In his book Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards, clinical psychologist Dr. Ray Guarendi writes, “The secret of a good marriage, for the most part, is that there are no secrets, only commonsense, time-tested ideas practiced by countless others who have done it well.”  

Dr. Ray has counseled enough couples to know that building a better relationship with your spouse doesn’t mean learning exotic new communication techniques or rearranging your lifestyle. In fact, a few of his 10 “small steps” are lessons you learned in grade school: 

  • Say “I’m sorry.”
  • Listen a minute.
  • Make a list.
  • Use your manners.

Filled with straightforward advice, this book reminds couples that a happier, more rewarding marriage is just a few small steps away. Available as both a print book and audio book.

Building Strong Parents
by Angela Glassmeyer

As a religious educator, I know that I have an important role in the faith formation of the students I teach. As a parent, I know that I have an even more important role in forming the faith of my children. I often look to authors and other experts for help and support in both of those roles. Here are a few great books to help parents along the journey of raising their children to be faithful, compassionate adults—ones who not only understand our faith but also live it.
Raising God-First Kids in a Me-First World offers personal stories and practical advice for helping your children find God’s voice amid the messages that target them. Barbara Curtis emphasizes the importance of purpose-driven parenting, consumer-proofing our children, keeping them pure in a sex-saturated society, and helping them make good choices based on Catholic values. Drawing on her rich experience, she can help you become a better parent so that you can raise better kids.
Homegrown Faith: Nurturing Your Catholic Family is a series of insightful and often humorous weekly reflections on raising a faithful Catholic family. Author Heidi Bratton draws on familiar situations—sibling rivalry, fender-benders, lost shoes before Mass—to reveal unexpected sacramental riches. This book also contains a guide to using it for group study—just right for a mom’s group!
St. Joseph—the perfect model for fathers and the perfect guide for the fatherless—remains something of a mystery. Scripture tells his story in few words, but his influence on the child he raised and the Church he protects is immeasurable. Focusing on the virtues of Joseph—his patience, faith, purity, and courage—Father Gary Caster explores what the Bible tells us about this great saint. By including wisdom from the history of the Church and the communion of saints, Joseph, the Man Who Raised Jesus paints a vivid portrait that will help you understand, appreciate, and grow closer to St. Joseph.

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