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January 1, 2014 / Maksim Tselishchev

Lent and Spring Sacraments

As we turn the corner into a new year, we look ahead to Lent and the sacraments we’ll be celebrating this spring.

Catholic Updates for Lent
by Joan McKamey

Use Catholic Update, a practical, affordable, four-page newsletter, for adult faith formation this Lent. Catholic Update is the trusted handout that has been helping parishes for over 40 years. Available as a monthly subscription, back issues by topic, and new digital delivery (see following column), each topic explores a key aspect of our Catholic faith or a current topic of importance to Catholics.

Lenten topics include
    • Finding Our Way Again: Daily Lenten Reflections (C0214)
    • Examine Your Conscience with the Ten Commandments
    • Lent: Giving Our Hearts to God (C0297)
    • Celebrating Lent in Your Home (C0293)
    • Ordinary Things, Sacred Meaning: Day by Day through Lent
    • Ash Wednesday: Our Shifting Understanding of Lent (C0204)
    • In the Desert With Jesus: Biblical Themes of Lent (C0205)
    • Lent: A Simple Guide (C1012B)
    • Lent: A 40-Day Retreat: Rediscovering Your Baptismal Call
    • Lenten Customs: Baptism Is the Key (C0302)

Plan now for Catholic Schools Week, Lent, and spring sacraments. Mix and match your titles within a single order for the best bulk pricing! 

Go Digital
by Joan McKamey

Follow a Sunday homily or news story with a Catholic Update or
I Believe handout on the topic using your parish e-mail list, Web site, or online newsletter. Don’t wait months, weeks, or even days to reach out—take the opportunity for faith formation within the context of what’s going on right now.

With a digital subscription to Catholic Update, I Believe, and/or Bringing Home the Word, you’ll have access to one or more parish newsletters that will help you reach parishioners now. A digital subscription to a newsletter gives you rights to
    • Print or e-mail issues
    • Post issues in a password-protected area of your parish Web site
    • Cut and paste excerpts into parish communications (with
       Bringing Home the Word only)
    • Access the newsletter immediately upon purchase
    • Use your subscription for an entire year (details here)
    • Pay only $299 for a one-year digital subscription to Catholic
through 9/30/14

Add a subscription to Catholic Update On Demand and treat your parishioners to a video component for their faith formation!

Spring Sacraments
by Angela Glassmeyer

Spring is a busy season, and it will soon be upon us. Plan now to hand out Catholic Updates about the Sacraments of Initiation to parents, sponsors, candidates, catechumens, and the wider parish.  

    • Baptism: Our Lifelong Call (C0706)
    • Confirmation: A Deepening of Our
       Christian Identity
    • A Walk Through the Mass: Why We
       Do What We Do
    • Finding Jesus in the Eucharist: Four
       Ways He Is Present
    • First Communion: Joining the Family Table (C0495)
    • Godparents and Sponsors: What Is Expected of Them Today?
    • Infant Baptism: Gift to the Parish (C0595)
    • Sacrament of Baptism: Celebrating the Embrace of God (C0389)
    • Sacraments of Initiation: God’s ‘I Love You’ (C0409)
    • Ten Tips for Welcoming New Catholics: The Role of the
       Community in the RCIA 

Find more here. And don’t forget Catholic Schools Week! Mix and match your titles within a single order for the best bulk pricing!

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