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September 4, 2013

Nurturing Faith

As the school year and parish programs gear up, it’s a good time to consider the many people who are charged with nurturing the faith of others—the young and not-so-young. Some, such as parents and catechists, have specific roles and ministries while all of us are called to work toward our own growth in faith and support others on their faith walks.

How to Raise Kids with Faith
by Joan McKamey

All faithful adults want the children in their lives to have faith, but sharing faith with children requires both words and actions—and a living faith of one’s own. Adults can work to build a child’s foundation of faith while strengthening their own relationship with Christ. Author Tom Rinkoski offers keys for growing healthy and holy family relationships in the Catholic UpdateHow to Raise Kids with Faith.”

Share this helpful handout at parent meetings and open houses. Include it in baptismal preparation packets. Distribute it parishwide on Catechetical Sunday, September 15, as a reminder that parish catechetical efforts are most successful when in partnership with parents and other adults who are significant in the lives of children.

Nurturing Adult Faith
by Joan McKamey

Adult faith needs nurturing too! As we remember the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks next week, we realize that many Catholic adults continue to harbor hard feelings and suspicion of anyone who professes Islam.

To support you in your efforts to broaden the minds and soften the hearts of your parishioners, we have a new video product
In the Footprints of Francis and the Sultan: A Model for Peacemaking that examines contemporary issues of interreligious understanding grounded in the Franciscan tradition of tolerance, peacemaking, and social justice.

This two-part film follows St. Francis of Assisi as he crosses the battle lines of the Crusades to meet Sultan Malek al-Kamil, the leader of the Muslim forces of the Levant, in 1219. These two men are an example of working to achieve understanding among peoples of different backgrounds, faith traditions, cultures, and ethnicities.

A perfect resource for use in group study in church settings, classrooms, interreligious communities, and social-action networks, this DVD could be used in connection to the feast day of St. Francis on October 4. View a sample clip here.

Along similar lines, Jesuit Father Ken Overberg, in the Catholic UpdateThe Healing Work of Vatican II,” writes about a “remarkable change” in the Church’s position on non-Christian religions: “The positive contributions and qualities of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism are highlighted. . . . The Council declares that the Church rejects nothing that’s true and holy in any of these religions.”

As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, use this Catholic Update to challenge and inform your adult parishioners as they try to reconcile their very human feelings with the call of Christ to “love your enemies” and the call of the Church to recognize what’s “true and holy” in the religions of non-Christians.

Handing on the Faith
by Angela Glassmeyer

We are all called to witness our faith to others, many times in ways we don’t even realize. As we approach Catechetical Sunday on September 15, consider giving your teachers and catechists a thank-you gift with meaning—something that inspires and encourages them in their ministry. Whether they teach in a Catholic school or in the parish religious education program, I recommend these newly updated titles from our popular Handing on the Faith series: 
  • When You Are a Catechist is a great resource for new and experienced catechists. It contains inspiration and practical guidance from Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the General Directory for Catechists, as well as questions for reflection.
  • When You Teach in a Catholic School provides inspiration and practical tips for teachers who want to share their faith in the classroom and school environment. It is also a great resource for school staff and administration, as well as parent-teacher organizations.
Two other titles in the series that have recently been revised and are also related to sharing the faith with others are ORDER TODAY for delivery by September 13! Call customer service (800-488-0488) for bulk discounts details.

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