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March 6, 2013 / sandra zuerlein

The Journey Continues

We’ll soon be welcoming new members into our parishes at the Easter Vigil. How we integrate them into the community during mystagogy and beyond is key to their continued formation, involvement, and membership. We offer here some ideas for keeping the RCIA community connected in the coming months.

Mystagogy and Beyond
by Joan McKamey

Consider gifting each of your parish’s new members (neophytes and those soon to be in full communion) with a subscription to
St. Anthony Messenger magazine. Every issue is chock-full of great reading: articles about topics of interest to Catholics; fiction; Church news; reviews of movies, television programs, and books; the witness of followers of St. Francis; Q&A; timely parenting reflections; the perennial favorite “Pete and Repeat” and much more. Learn about our bulk and gift pricing structure here.

New with the March 2013 issue! St. Anthony Messenger has gone digital! Check out a sample digital issue here. Subscribers to our print magazine will now receive access to our digital edition at no additional cost. Each digital edition includes enriched bonus content, such as video and audio recordings, short stories or slide shows, and links to related content. New subscribers can also choose our digital-only option for a reduced price. Find out more here!

Happy Catholics
by Joan McKamey

The experience of the Easter Vigil is powerful and emotional for new members who’ve just celebrated the Easter sacraments. Help them hold on to that positive energy as they find their place in the Catholic community. A great gift with which many new Catholics will resonate is the book Happy Catholic: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life by Julie Davis. It definitely encourages development of a Catholic sacramental mindset and worldview.

I love quotations, and so does Julie. She starts each brief reflection with a quotation from Scripture, a saint, The Simpsons and other television programs, movies, books—both religious and secular, and other sources of wisdom. Julie’s journey to becoming a “happy Catholic” is inspirational as well. Raised as an atheist, she accepted the gift of faith and joined the Catholic Church as an adult. Now she blogs about her faith on her popular and aptly named blog Happy Catholic*.

What Comes after Mystagogy?
by Angela Glassmeyer

I just got back from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. We were excited to share our new Catholic Update Guide to the New Evangelization materials. One use for this package is with newly initiated Catholics.

Many groups desire to keep meeting and learning beyond the official period of post-baptismal catechesis. As long as there’s also an effort to help new Catholics get integrated into the parish community, continuing to gather during the year following their reception into the Church is appropriate. But what resource might you use? I know some parishes could use a little help in this area, so here we are! Try our Catholic Update Guide to the New Evangelization.

This simple, practical resource will help Catholics live as disciples (and evangelists!) and embrace their role in bringing the Good News to life. Video segments and reproducible handouts flow from Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization (USCCB). These illuminate the methodologies of catechesis—ways we are formed in the faith so that we’re better equipped to share it with others—Discipleship, Commitment to the Christian Life, Parish Life, the Liturgical Life of the Church: Popular Devotions and Piety, the Christian Family, Catechists and Teachers of the Faith, and Human Experience.

The package also includes a leader’s guide to help you use the print and video resources with groups. Use this with your new Catholics to continue their formation in faith and to prepare them for sharing their enthusiasm and conviction with others!

Check out our Web site, which includes some other suggested uses for the Catholic Update Guide to the New Evangelization with others in the parish.

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