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December 5, 2012     

Celebrating the Incarnation

God loves us so much that he chose to become one of us! Advent is a good time to reflect on God’s generous and self-giving love, the difference the Incarnation makes in your life, and ways to share Christ Incarnate with others.

Mid-Atlantic Congress
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We hope to see you there!

Why God Wanted to Become Human
by Joan McKamey

Have you ever wondered why God wanted to become human? It’s all about LOVE!

Read Father Ken Overberg’s reflections on this in the Catholic Update The Incarnation: Why God Wanted to Become Human.”

God Among Us
by Joan McKamey

Many of you have seen Father Robert Barron’s DVD series Catholicism. The solid and inspiring message and breathtaking visuals are exceptional. Franciscan Media brings you the audiobook version of Father Barron’s message—to hear again, or for the first time. In Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, connect with what makes the Catholic faith a unique and special path to union with God. Listen on your commute to and from work—or during your holiday travel. Share it with shut-ins, especially those with impaired vision. Make it a gift to your parish that keeps giving as you place a copy or two in your parish lending library.

I’ve selected a clip to share with you (Windows Media). Consider Father Barron’s intriguing suggestion that “It all begins with a jest” and why we have reason today for the bubbling-up laughter of joy as we consider the meaning of the Incarnation.

If you’re looking for a concise explanation of the Incarnation in a variety of formats, try Father Michael Himes’ Mystery of Faith: An Introduction to Catholicism. Available in print, audio, and video, this collection offers treatments of ten essential topics of the Catholic faith: Trinity, Grace, Incarnation, Salvation, Church, Baptism, Eucharist, Sacraments of Vocation, Reconciliation, and Tradition. This is a great collection to enhance your presentations at RCIA!

Spiritual Gift-Giving
by Angela Glassmeyer

Every Christmas, I give my parish catechists a gift: a token of appreciation for sharing their faith with the children of our parish. I’ve often wondered how many actually read the books I give. Last year I gave them A Catholic Christmas by Kathleen Carroll. After Mass one Sunday, a catechist told me, “I really enjoyed that book. I don’t usually read them when you give them to us. But, this one I did read and I really enjoyed it. Thank you!”
This year, I’m giving A Mary Christmas, the final book in the series by Kathleen Carroll. Like A Catholic Christmas, it’s short enough to be easily read, but long enough to teach and inspire. We offer institutional discounts if you want to give them to your catechists or parish staff this Christmas. Just give our cheerful customer service agents a call at 800-488-0488 to place your order, or go online (but be sure to call if you want the institutional bulk discount).
A little Christmas encouragement for you, from A Mary Christmas:
Christmas can inspire us to be our very best and simultaneously exert pressures that make us our very worst. . . . Rather than expecting the impossible of ourselves or trying to disguise what we’re really made of, the best practice is to look deeply at who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. If we spend some time in prayer trying to see ourselves as God sees us, we’ll have an accurate portrait of what we are—both the faults of the current moment, and the glorious potential we have as children of the Most High.
Have a peaceful Advent and a very merry Christmas season!

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