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September 5, 2012     

Year of Faith

It’s nearly upon us. The Year of Faith begins on October 11 and will run through the Solemnity of Christ the King, November 24, 2013. If you haven’t already made plans to do something special for the Year of Faith, don’t panic. Everything you’re already doing fits right in. If you’re looking for some additional resources to support these efforts—or perhaps want to add something special during this year—we offer some ideas here.

'I Believe'
by Joan McKamey

Peter Murphy from the USCCB’s Secretariat of Evangelization and Catechesis characterizes the Year of Faith in this way: “It is a time to stop, reflect, and reconnect to our passion for the Catholic faith in order to become effective evangelists” (NCCL presentation, San Diego, 5/9/12).

Our newest parish handout, I Believe, fits right in with the Year of Faith. When used with RCIA candidates and small Christian communities or shared with all parish adults as a bulletin insert or mailing, this newsletter will help ground your community in the essential beliefs of our Catholic faith. Within its first year (August 2012–July 2013), I Believe takes readers through the Nicene Creed, with explanations and reflections for each creedal statement.

Small Christian communities may purchase packages of 10 each of issues 1–6. A leader’s guide for small-group use assists volunteer facilitators and busy catechetical leaders in planning. RCIA coordinators will find this package option and leader’s guide to their liking, too. (Issues 7–12 will become available in October.)

Whether purchased as a monthly subscription, in small-group packages, or in bulk orders of selected topics—or a combination of all three!—you’re sure to find I Believe a great resource for use in the Year of Faith and beyond!

'Moved by Faith'
by Joan McKamey

A great inspiration for my own faith walk is the witness of others who are putting their faith into action. I expect this is true for most of us.

Judy Zarick, a producer for American Catholic Radio, has interviewed hundreds of inspiring people for the program segment “Living Faith.” She’s selected some of the best of their stories and compiled them into Moved by Faith: Stories from American Catholic Radio (audio, print). I've selected a story to share with you (Windows Media).

Pope Benedict writes, “The renewal of the Church is . . . achieved through the witness offered by the lives of believers: by their very existence in the world, Christians are called to radiate the word of truth that the Lord Jesus left us” (Porta Fidei, no. 6). The people Judy has interviewed are great examples of this!

I encourage you to find ways to share these short stories (approximately 5 mins. each) with young people and adults who will benefit from the inspiration they provide. We are all called by our Baptism to put our faith into action. Each of us will do this in a unique way—using our gifts, passions, life experiences, and opportunities—to respond to this call.

'Catholic and Confident'
by Angela Glassmeyer

If we’re to become effective evangelists, we must become confident in our knowledge of the faith. We should strive to know about our Lord and the faith of the Church, grow in intimate communion with Jesus Christ, and reach out to others in loving response to God’s love for us.

That’s a tall order, I know, but it’s at the heart of the Christian life.

Henry Libersat’s latest book, Catholic and Confident: Simple Steps to Share Your Faith, will help readers embrace the call to spread the message of salvation to everyone in their lives. Real-life examples of Catholics—a plumber who prays for his clients, an attorney who stuns his coworkers with the truth about the Church—show that it can be done. A person doesn’t have to be a saint or a sermonizer; all that’s needed is faith—and a little confidence.

As we enter this Year of Faith and prepare ourselves to get involved in the New Evangelization, make sure there are several copies of this book available in the parish—for small groups, catechists, parish staff, and in the lending library. It’s sure to make an impact on the life of your parish!

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