Objective: To create a mindset in which our ideas of who and what God is mature and magnify on a daily basis.

God totally exceeds the human capacity for definition. That can be so intimidating that we try to put God in a box, restricting the divine attributes to those we already know something about and are comfortable with. But to do that is not only theologically unacceptable, it deprives us of the "Wow" experiences that come from seeking to deepen and expand our concept of God, a concept that should be growing and broadening throughout our entire lifespan.

A four-week course would include:

Trinity: To Let the Symbol Sing Again By Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.J., and Julia H. Brumbaugh. N0599

One of Christianity's most challenging beliefs is that of a single God composed of three distinct persons. Yet, this is where we must begin in formulating concepts of God. Johnson, a noted theologian, walks us through the development of this dogma from its biblical roots to its modern expression.

Finding the Face of God By Virginia Smith. N0898

"In large part, the Bible focuses on the gradual, groping attempts of the Chosen People to comprehend and live in relationship to God," writes Smith. "Like the rest of us, these people struggled to know and understand that enormously complex being we call God."

From Jesus of Nazareth to Lord of All By Eugene LaVerdiere, S.S.S. N0498

The Jesus who rose on Easter morning differed in many ways from the crucified Jesus who was placed in the tomb on Good Friday. Human Jesus to Cosmic Christ: Can two such diverse natures coexist? LaVerdiere leads his readers through mysteries that are central to Christian belief.

The Holy Spirit as Paraclete: The Gift of John's Gospel By Raymond E. Brown, S.S. N0598

The late renowned Scripture scholar Raymond Brown introduces the Holy Spirit in the role of Paraclete, which "means 'one called alongside,' particularly one called to help in a legal situation: a defense attorney." Only John's Gospel spotlights this specific role which is so important to our comprehension of the Third Person of the Trinity.

For a six-week course, add:

Jesus, the Man from Nazareth By Elizabeth McNamer. N0198

This issue is an overview of what scholars tell us about the "historical Jesus." McNamer covers the key historical events in the life of Jesus and explores the world he lived in—life in Nazareth, his baptism, the religious sects of Judaism in the first century, his preaching, his passion and death.

From Spirit to Holy Spirit in the Old Testament By Leonard Doohan. N0499

Doohan refers to the Messianic Spirit of God found in the Hebrew Scriptures as "switching on the power." In this issue, Doohan tells us, "...the major Church teachings on the Holy Spirit did not come until around the fourth century....Our task is to go back even further, asking how did the Chosen People understand the role of the Holy Spirit."

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