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Lino Rulli: One 'Sirius' Catholic

By Christopher Heffron

"Comedy" and "Catholicism" seldom go hand in hand. But Lino Rulli is juggling both with his national radio show.

Joan of Arc's Message for Today

By Barbara Beckwith

This 19-year-old peasant from 15th-century France has much to teach us about listening to our hearts, trusting in God and confounding the odds.

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Over the course of three years, Catholics on Sundays now hear most of the New Testament proclaimed, thanks to the Lectionary revision. By Daniel J. Harrington, S.J.

A Mother’s Day Momily on Jesus’ Farewell
Moms, like Jesus, try to instill their children with lots of positive messages to counter the negatives. By Kathy Coffey

Helping Children of Imprisoned Moms
Prison breaks up families and even the innocent suffer. Sister Tesa Fitzgerald sees the problem and has developed a solution. Text by Carol Ann Morrow, photos by Octavio Duran, O.F.M.

Fiction: Surprises
Maybe her aunt wasn’t so odd after all. By Mary C. Perham

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