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February 2000


Hold Your Holy Horses!

It's a story about a big state, small horses and enterprising Franciscan nuns.

Text and photos by Marion Amberg

The Iraqi Church Cries Out

Images of 1990's Operation Desert Storm linger, encouraging less-than-friendly attitudes toward Iraq. The indefatigable leader of that nation's Catholics urges Americans to consider the children.

By Carol Ann Morrow

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Adult Day Programs: New Trend in Holisic Care

Adult day programs benefit elderly people who have some physical or mental problems and are being cared for at home. Text by Mary Jo Dangel, photos by Mark Bowen

The Blessings of Large Families

The key to life with a large family is simple, says this mother: Pray always. By Pat Bares

The True Meaning of Contemplation

Amidst personal struggle, a former Gethsemani monk discovers new depths of contemplation. By Robert Durback

Fiction: Sophia's Cat

His wife is gone, but her cat remains. By Miriam Polli Katsikis

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