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The Singing Irish Priests: Unlikely Celebrities

By Peter Feuerherd

This trioís debut CD sold over a million copies worldwide in just seven weeks.

Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America

By Carole Shinnick, S.S.N.D.

A new traveling exhibit tells the story of how Catholic sisters helped shape a nation, and how, in turn, the nation shaped them.

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Loving Life, Facing Death
In watching her motherís life fade, a troubled daughter gains a new appreciation for life. By Karen Muensterman

Confession Heals a Vet
The Vietnam War broke him. The Sacrament of Reconciliation healed him. By Joan Broussard

Doing Laundry With the Saints
Is washing clothes saintly work? This writer thinks so. By Patrick Gallagher

Fiction: Porch Swings
It offered refuge from the sterile city. By Elmore Hammes

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