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Giving It All Away
Diane M. Houdek
Source: Bringing Home the Word
Published: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time and again as Francis strove to follow perfectly the Gospel call to poverty, he would meet someone in the city streets who was poorer than he was, and he would give up the tunic he was wearing (and occasionally the tunic of one of his brothers!) that another might be clothed against the cold. We still hear stories today of holy people who give away all that they have not once but repeatedly. Gifts that they receive from family and friends are given away to the poor and needy who come to the door. This isn’t regifting because something doesn’t appeal to them or even because they don’t need it. It’s giving to someone whose need is so much greater. And isn’t this true of all of us at one time or another? Francis recognized that Jesus gave up his very divinity because our human need was so great. If God could do this for us, what limits can we place on what we do for God’s own children? For Francis, for us, the practical implication of this is something that we will continue to discover throughout our lives. But each day we can take one small step in that direction.

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