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Clare's Palm Sunday Walk
Diane M. Houdek
Source: Bringing Home the Word
Published: Sunday, March 24, 2013

St. Clare was one of the first followers of St. Francis. Raised in a wealthy family, whose home overlooked the piazza of Assisi’s cathedral, she must have heard Francis preaching often. Moved by his radical message of gospel poverty, she made up her mind to follow him and his companions.

On the night of Palm Sunday in 1212 she left her home and walked through the darkened streets to the gate that led to St. Mary of the Angels, a mile or so below the walled city of Assisi. It can be difficult for us to imagine what a drastic decision this was for Clare. Scholars tell us that she may have had some encouragement from the bishop. We know that her mother, sister and cousin eventually joined her. But she still set out on her own to make that first journey.

We, too, are called to move out of our comfort zones, to take steps to follow the gospel more radically in our lives. They might be small steps or they might be as drastic as Clare leaving home to work among the poor and the lepers. What these steps have in common is faith that God is leading us on this journey. And just as Francis and his brothers welcomed Clare, the communion of saints encourages us on our way.

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