Synod For America

The Synod for America (November 16 - December 12, 1997) is the Synod to unite Americans across the hemisphere. Get the inside story direct from the Vatican each week from a key U.S. delegate: Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk.

Beginning December 2, Brazilian theologian Antonio Moser, O.F.M., gives analysis from the South.

Prayer for the Synod
Understanding the Synod

Archbishop Pilarczyk's Synod Journal:
1) Before the Synod
2) November 16
3) November 23
4) November 30
5) December 7
6) December 13

An Interview Before the Synod

Analysis From
a Brazilian Franciscan:
Antonio Moser, O.F.M.

1) Synods: Collegiality at Work
2) The Synod's Great Objectives
3) The Synod's Four Themes (I)
4) The Synod's Four Themes (II)
5) Echoes From the Synod Floor
6) The Synod's Final Message

About Archbishop Pilarczyk
List of North American Delegates

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