On April 2, 2005, Pope John Paul II passed away. He was in his 27th year as pope, one of the longest reigning popes in history. Despite illness and infirmity, he tirelessly preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He defended life in all its forms, wrote prolifically on Catholic topics such as the Eucharist and the rosary, pleaded for peace in the world and created more Roman Catholic saints than any other pope. It is said that he was the most recognized man in the world and he is by far the most widely travelled pope in history.


Pope John Paul II: A Lifetime of Service

One of the most beloved popes in history among Catholics and non-Catholics alike, John Paul captured the world’s attention and admiration during his 26-year pontificate. In his final years, his step became halted by illness and infirmity; his speech became labored. But his indomitable spirit touched and taught us all. The following articles are about Pope John Paul II’s extraordinary contribution to the Church and the Church's appreciation of his ministry. Read archived articles on John Paul II's travels, the world's reaction to his death and the papal transition.

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