Prayer for Patience with Children

While your children bring you pride and joy, they also cause you great consternation. Don’t they understand that you are telling them the truth? Don’t they understand that you know best?

First, you must change your attitude. You are not always right. And even when you are right, you must understand that your children are autonomous individuals, walking their own paths. You made mistakes, and they will make mistakes. They cannot always see things the way you do, because they are not you.

If you wish to teach your children, you must do so with love. Then you must pray and wait. Lack of patience will only lead to further misunderstanding and resistance. To grow in patience you must grow in love and faith: love for your Lord and love for your children, faith in your Lord and faith in your children.

Lord Jesus, you know my great pain: My children do not understand my direction ,and I have run out of patience.

This hurts because I love my children very much.

I cannot raise them well on my own. I need your help. These children are more yours than mine.

Help me trust that, in your love for them, you will protect them.

I ask for the grace of patience. Even if my children do not understand my opinion, may they know that I love them.
Saint Joseph, father of my Lord, intercede for me, that I may be a good father.

* * *

Prayer for Children's Spiritual Well-Being

How important is it to you that your children have good grades in school, have lots of friends and succeed in sports and other activities? How much time do you spend helping your children with their homework, driving them to band practice or watching them play soccer? Now compare that with how much time you spend supporting your children in their spiritual journeys.

Your daughter’s soccer statistics and your son’s history grade are not indicative of their spiritual health. While these can be legitimate concerns, success in athletics and academics will not necessarily help them love their neighbor better or grow in their relationship with God. You must show your children the way to heaven—by your words and example. And you must pray for them.

Father, you have given me beautiful children. I want them to love you here on Earth and live forever with you in heaven.

Fill them with your grace. Send down your Spirit upon them. Grant them faith, hope and love. Protect them from evil, and show them the way to you.

* * *

From Prayers for Catholic Men, by Mike Pacer (Servant Books, 2008).



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