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Readers' Stories of St. Anthony's Help
—from St. Anthony Messenger magazine and online submissions

Never Failed
When I was a small child I had roller skates (the old-fashioned kind with a key). We could roller skate in the basement in the winter and streets in the summer. One day they were gone. I was so sad. I prayed to St. Anthony every day for 3 months. One day I went outside and there they were. Maybe someone stole them and felt guilty, but I did get them back. All my life when I lose things or misplace things (often lately) NOT ONCE has St. Anthony failed me in finding the item! He was with me as a child as Jesus was and they both have stayed with me all my adult life.

Barnesville, GA

'God Works in Funny Ways'
Yesterday I couldn't find a gold bracelet that I own. I came to work and looked up the site for St. Anthony thinking about asking for help for finding my bracelet. But instead I found that you can ask for other things you need help with. I need help with getting my smell back. So instead of my bracelet I asked for my smell back. When I went home I looked in a drawer that I haven't been in for years and there was my bracelet. God does work in funny ways but I hope he still remembers my smell.


Five years ago a best friend, Marcia Pereira, encouraged me to sign up with At that time I had been widowed for eight years and had many dreams of being “lost” following the death of my beloved husband, Claude Papp, of twenty-seven years. My prayers were answered when a widower, David Anton, wrote to me on on the Feast day St. Anthony on June 13, 2011. When I read his profile, I realized that I had been “found” by a widower, who understood loss like I did, and by someone who practiced his Catholic faith, which was so important to me, all on the Feast Day of St. Anthony. When we shared stories, we knew it was providential. After dating for almost four years, we were married on Divine Mercy weekend on April 11, 2015. A beautiful statue of St. Anthony carrying the Christ Child reminds us we have been blessed with great love twice in our lives. Thank you St. Anthony. -Nancy Anton, Palmer, Massachusetts

Nancy Anton
Palmer, MA

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