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Saturday, May 30, 2015
  • Pope talks about his daily habits, hopes, concerns

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis said he wants to be remembered as "a good person who tried to do good. I cannot ask for anything more than that."

    The statement, as well as comments about his life as pope and situations that move him to tears, ...

  • President Obama Makes Unannounced Visit to Shrine

    MIAMI (CNS) -- The priest prayed an Our Father. The president lit a candle. And while gazing together at a revered image of Cuba's patroness, the priest reminded the president of the suffering of Cuba's people.

    "Only in the United States that's possible," said Father Juan Rumin ...

    US President Barack Obama walks with Father Juan Rumin Dominguez.
  • UN's inaction on nuclear weapons disappoints Catholic advocates
    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- A monthlong review of a key nuclear weapons treaty saw the nuclear powers stepping back from an opportunity to alter the status quo, much to the disappointment of Catholic peace advocates.

    The disappointment stems from the failure of the nuclear weapons states to ...

    US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the UN in New York.
  • No excuse for indifference to immigrants, pope says
    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Church leaders cannot be indifferent to the plight of immigrants, and it is "inexcusable" not to promote cooperation between a host nation and countries of origin, Pope Francis told bishops from the Dominican Republic.

    "It is important to integrate immigrants into society ...

    Haitians protest in Port-au-Prince against a controversial court ruling in Dominican Republic.
  • Dublin archbishop responds to marriage vote

    DUBLIN (CNS) -- Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin has said the church needs a "reality check" after Irish voters overwhelmingly supported same-sex marriage.

    Ireland was the first country in the world to put same-sex marriage to a popular vote and the May 22 poll was backed by ...

    People in Dublin react as Ireland voted in favor of allowing same-sex marriage May 23.
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Joan of Arc: 
		<p>Burned at the stake as a heretic after a politically-motivated trial, Joan was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920.</p>
		<p>Born of a fairly well-to-do peasant couple in Domremy-Greux (southeast of Paris), Joan was only 12 when she experienced a vision and heard voices that she later identified as Sts. Michael the Archangel, Catherine of Alexandria, and Margaret of Antioch.</p>
		<p>During the Hundred Years War, she led French troops against the English and recaptured the cities of Orléans and Troyes. This enabled Charles VII to be crowned as king in Reims in 1429. Captured near Compiegne the following year, she was sold to the English and placed on trial for heresy and witchcraft. Professors at the University of Paris supported Bishop Pierre Cauchon of Beauvis, the judge at her trial; Cardinal Henry Beaufort of Winchester, England, participated in the questioning of Joan in prison. In the end, she was condemned for wearing men's clothes. The English resented France's military success–to which Joan contributed. </p>
		<p>On this day in 1431, she was burned at the stake in Rouen, and her ashes were scattered in the Seine River. A second Church trial 25 years later nullified the earlier verdict, which was reached under political pressure.</p>
		<p>Remembered by most people for her military exploits, Joan had a great love for the sacraments, which strengthened her compassion toward the poor. Popular devotion to her increased greatly in 19th-century France and later among French soldiers during World War I. Theologian George Tavard writes that her life "offers a perfect example of the conjunction of contemplation and action" because her spiritual insight is that there should be a "unity of heaven and earth."</p>
		<p>Joan of Arc has been the subject of many books, plays, operas, and movies. </p>
American Catholic Blog Touch can be an act of kindness when someone is dying. If you visit a sick person and find that you are at a loss for words, reach out and touch her hand. It will convey your care for her and can have a calming effect. It says to the person, “You are appreciated, you are cherished, and you are not alone.”

 Pope Francis on Relationships, Marriage

St. Joan of Arc
The piety of this 15th-century military heroine was not appreciated until centuries after her death.
If you’re not able to attend the graduation in person, send an e-card expressing your pride and affection.
Ven. Pierre Toussaint
This former slave is one of many American holy people whose life particularly models Christian values.
Rejoice with a friend who is transitioning from the highs and lows of daily employment.
Best wishes for a joyous and peaceful birthday!

John P. McCarthy
Hawaii's allure as a tropical paradise derives from its pristine beaches, fragrant flora, colorful mythology, and air of laid-back hospitality. But the islands are also defined by their history as one of America's most strategic military outposts.

At the beginning of ...

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  John P. McCarthy CNS photo/Columbia Pictures
Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams star in a scene from the movie "Aloha."

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The Space Between Faith and Doubt
Sunday, April 27, 2014
Doubt can lead us to question, to reflect, to understand reality at a deeper level.
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