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Tuesday, October 6, 2015
  • Bishops, Vatican confirm Pope Francis will visit Mexico in 2016

    MEXICO CITY (CNS) -- The Mexican bishops' conference and the Vatican have confirmed Pope Francis will visit Mexico in 2016, marking his first trip to this heavily Catholic country in throes of unrest over unresolved issues such as violence, crime and corruption.

    Auxiliary Bishop Eugenio Lira Rugarcia ...

  • Pope: Synod is not parliament, but place to listen to Holy Spirit

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The world Synod of Bishops on the family is not a parliament where participants will negotiate or lobby, Pope Francis said, but it must be a place of prayer where bishops speak with courage and open themselves to "God who always surprises ...

    Pope Francis participates in prayer at the opening session of the Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican October 5.
  • Unrest flares again in West Bank, Jerusalem

    JERUSALEM (CNS) -- Unrest flared in early October throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem, which has experienced tensions during September, largely over the status of the contested holy site of the Temple Mount or Haram al-Sharif.

    Four Israelis were killed in the Old City of Jerusalem: a ...

    A Palestinian woman looks out a bus window during clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli troops in the West Bank.
  • Caring for Creation
    In a well-known parable of of Jesus, a sower casts seeds broadly across the land. Some fall on rocky ground, others fall among thorns, and still others fall on rich, fertile soil, where they grow and produce abundantly.

    In releasing his latest encyclical to ...

    What does Pope Francis’ encyclical mean for us?
  • Measure passed allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood

    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The House Sept. 29 passed the Women's Health and Public Safety Act to give states the authority to defund Planned Parenthood.

    Speaking from the House floor in support of the measure, which was sponsored by Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisconsin, Rep. Chris Smith, R-New Jersey, ...

    A pro-life activist holds a rosary while protesting outside City Hall in Los Angeles September 29.
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  The Last Words of Jesus

Published in cooperation with the Vatican, this original collection brings Pope Francis’ teachings on the importance of family into focus in an elegant way.

It covers themes of love and marriage, the promise of young people, and the vocation and mission of the family.

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Bruno: This saint has the honor of having founded a religious order which, as the saying goes, has never had to be reformed because it was never deformed. No doubt both the founder and the members would reject such high praise, but it is an indication of the saint's intense love of a penitential life in solitude. 
<p>Bruno was born in Cologne, Germany, became a famous teacher at Rheims and was appointed chancellor of the archdiocese at the age of 45. He supported Pope Gregory VII in his fight against the decadence of the clergy and took part in the removal of his own scandalous archbishop, Manasses. Bruno suffered the plundering of his house for his pains. </p><p>He had a dream of living in solitude and prayer, and persuaded a few friends to join him in a hermitage. After a while he felt the place unsuitable and, through a friend, was given some land which was to become famous for his foundation "in the Chartreuse" (from which comes the word Carthusians). The climate, desert, mountainous terrain and inaccessibility guaranteed silence, poverty and small numbers. </p><p>Bruno and his friends built an oratory with small individual cells at a distance from each other. They met for Matins and Vespers each day and spent the rest of the time in solitude, eating together only on great feasts. Their chief work was copying manuscripts. </p><p>The pope, hearing of Bruno's holiness, called for his assistance in Rome. When the pope had to flee Rome, Bruno pulled up stakes again, and spent his last years (after refusing a bishopric) in the wilderness of Calabria. </p><p>He was never formally canonized, because the Carthusians were averse to all occasions of publicity. However Pope Clement X extended his feast to the whole Church in 1674.</p> American Catholic Blog The saints in heaven love and care for us, and so it is fitting that we pray to them and ask for their prayers, as we on earth assist one another through prayer.

 Pope Francis’ family mission

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St. Faustina Kowalska
This 20th-century Polish nun encouraged devotion to God’s Divine Mercy.
Respect Life Sunday
Catholic Greetings and encourage you to support local and national efforts to protect and defend human life from conception to natural death.
St. Theodora
Though she was born in France, we honor Mother Theodore Guerin as an American saint.
The Holy Guardian Angels
Guardian angels represent us before God, watch over us always, aid our prayer, and present our souls to God at death.

The Martian
Though the compelling sci-fi epic "The Martian" (Fox) is an unusually long movie, what viewers of faith may cherish most about this masterful adventure is a single line of dialogue in the form of a three-word prayer. 

Brief as it is, this ...

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  The Martian CSN photo/courtesy Twentieth Century Fox
Matt Damon stars in a scene from the movie "The Martian.

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