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Tuesday, May 5, 2015
  • Documentary on Thomas Merton marks centennial of his birth

    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Morgan Atkinson's new documentary on Thomas Merton, the famed Trappist monk from the Cistercian abbey in Gethsemani, Kentucky, was "40 years in the making," he joked.

    Actually, it was closer to two, but it was Atkinson's own pilgrimage to Gethsemani 40 years ago that ...

    Trappist Father Thomas Merton and the Dalai Lama in 1968
  • Pope begins parish visit at amusement park

    ROME (CNS) -- Before celebrating Mass in a parish in Ostia, Rome's seaside community, Pope Francis stopped to see two Little Sisters of Jesus who live in a trailer at an amusement park, sharing their lives and faith with the carnival workers.

    The Vatican provided no more ...

    Pope Francis greets a Scout while visiting Queen of Peace Parish in Ostia.
  • At Expo 2015, Vatican pavilion offers space for learning, relaxation

    MILAN (CNS) -- The Holy See's official pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015, the newest edition of the every-five-years world's fair, will be a public space of relaxation and learning.

    But for the next six months, the pavilion also will be a place for formal studies, symposiums ...

    Artist's rendition of Holy See's Milan Expo 2015 pavilion
  • Supreme Court takes look at lethal injection drug

    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Exactly one year after a botched execution in Oklahoma, the Supreme Court took a close look at the effectiveness of a specific drug used in the state's lethal injections to determine whether it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

    The April 29 oral arguments were ...

    The US Supreme Court recently addressed issues surrounding lethal injections.
  • When it comes to scheduling, pope says he's definitely not infallible

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Being infallible when formally defining a doctrine does not mean a pope doesn't make mistakes at other times, Pope Francis said, admitting he caused confusion for about 5,000 members of the Cursillos in Christianity movement.

    Holding a European-wide gathering in Rome, Cursillo members ...

    Pope Francis arrives to lead audience with members of Cursillo movement in Paul VI audience hall at Vatican
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Jennessa Terraccino’s The Princess Guide uses fairy tales—specifically the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty—to inspire young women to dignity, femininity, and fervent faith.

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Hilary of Arles: It’s been said that youth is wasted on the young. In some ways, that was true for today’s saint. 
<p>Born in France in the early fifth century, Hilary came from an aristocratic family. In the course of his education he encountered his relative, Honoratus, who encouraged the young man to join him in the monastic life. Hilary did so. He continued to follow in the footsteps of Honoratus as bishop. Hilary was only 29 when he was chosen bishop of Arles. </p><p>The new, youthful bishop undertook the role with confidence. He did manual labor to earn money for the poor. He sold sacred vessels to ransom captives. He became a magnificent orator. He traveled everywhere on foot, always wearing simple clothing. </p><p>That was the bright side. Hilary encountered difficulty in his relationships with other bishops over whom he had some jurisdiction. He unilaterally deposed one bishop. He selected another bishop to replace one who was very ill–but, to complicate matters, did not die! Pope St. Leo the Great kept Hilary a bishop but stripped him of some of his powers. </p><p>Hilary died at 49. He was a man of talent and piety who, in due time, had learned how to be a bishop.</p> American Catholic Blog You, you're the one! You're the one who does something nice for one person, and they turn around and do something nice for someone else. You're the one who changes the world!
Happy Birthday
Authentic motherhood calls forth the beauty in children’s souls, just like God’s love.
Mother's Day
Authentic motherhood calls forth the beauty in children’s souls, just like God’s love.
Fifth Sunday of Easter
As members of the Body of Christ, each of us is called to die and rise with the Risen Savior.
St. Joseph the Worker
Today we remember that human work has dignity when it contributes to the divine work of creation.
Keep in mind those who may be struggling with the loss of a loved one during these Easter days.

Marie's Story
 "Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence." So wrote Helen ...
Avengers: Age of Ultron
The seemingly ever-expanding media universe centered on Marvel Comics spawns yet ...
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Ariana Rivoire and Isabell Carre star in a scene from the movie "Marie's Story."

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