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Monday, May 2, 2016
  • Father Daniel Berrigan, advocate for justice and peace dies at 94

    NEW YORK (CNS) -- Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan, an early critic of U.S. military intervention in Vietnam who for years challenged the country's reliance on military might, died April 30. He was 94.

    The author of several books of poetry and one of the first Catholic priests ...

    Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan, seen in this undated photo, died April 30 at age 94.
  • Ethics must guide medical research, pope says

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Moral and ethical concerns must guide medical research so it will always be at the service of protecting human life and dignity, Pope Francis said.

    In that way, education and research can strive "to serve higher values, such as solidarity, generosity, magnanimity, sharing ...

    US Vice President Joe Biden meets Pope Francis after both leaders spoke at a conference on adult stem cell research at the Vatican.
  • Ordinations give reason for hope, but need for priests still great

    WASHINGTON (CNS) -- It's ordination season and Catholics have reason to be pleased with the numbers of priests who will serve the church well into the future.

    In recent years, the numbers of priestly ordinations have given Catholic Church observers reason to believe there is not a ...

    Seminarians pray with their rector April 4 at Our Lady of Providence Seminary in Providence, R.I.
  • Bishop supports medical marijuana in letter to lawmakers

    DES MOINES, Iowa (CNS) -- Bishop Richard E. Pates of Des Moines urged state lawmakers to pass legislation that would legalize medical marijuana.

    In a letter April 26 to House and Senate members, Bishop Pates said a comprehensive bill was needed to "give Iowans the ability to ...

    A horticulturalist clips leaves off stems during harvesting of buds from marijuana plants being grown for medical use in 2009.
  • Kelly McCracken chosen first president of Franciscan Media

    CINCINNATI (CNS) -- Kelly McCracken has been promoted to the position of president of Franciscan Media, publisher of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, Servant Books and the website.

    There had been no position of president prior to McCracken's appointment.

    She, in effect, succeeds Tom Shumate, who had been ...

    Kelly McCracken, president of Franciscan Media.
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Athanasius: Athanasius led a tumultuous but dedicated life of service to the Church. He was the great champion of the faith against the widespread heresy of Arianism, the teaching by Arius that Jesus was not truly divine. The vigor of his writings earned him the title of doctor of the Church. 
<p>Born of a Christian family in Alexandria, Egypt, and given a classical education, Athanasius became secretary to Alexander, the bishop of Alexandria, entered the priesthood and was eventually named bishop himself. His predecessor, Alexander, had been an outspoken critic of a new movement growing in the East—Arianism. </p><p>When Athanasius assumed his role as bishop of Alexandria, he continued the fight against Arianism. At first it seemed that the battle would be easily won and that Arianism would be condemned. Such, however, did not prove to be the case. The Council of Tyre was called and for several reasons that are still unclear, the Emperor Constantine exiled Athanasius to northern Gaul. This was to be the first in a series of travels and exiles reminiscent of the life of St. Paul. </p><p>After Constantine died, his son restored Athanasius as bishop. This lasted only a year, however, for he was deposed once again by a coalition of Arian bishops. Athanasius took his case to Rome, and Pope Julius I called a synod to review the case and other related matters. </p><p>Five times Athanasius was exiled for his defense of the doctrine of Christ’s divinity. During one period of his life, he enjoyed 10 years of relative peace—reading, writing and promoting the Christian life along the lines of the monastic ideal to which he was greatly devoted. His dogmatic and historical writings are almost all polemic, directed against every aspect of Arianism. </p><p>Among his ascetical writings, his<i> Life of St. Anthony</i> (January 17) achieved astonishing popularity and contributed greatly to the establishment of monastic life throughout the Western Christian world.</p> American Catholic Blog Suffering is redemptive in part because it definitively reveals to man that he is not in fact God, and it thereby opens the human person to receive the divine.

 Pope Francis speaks about medical  research and care of the sick

Happy Birthday
You are one of a kind. There has never been another you.
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Easter is an attitude of inner joy. We are an Easter people!
St. Catherine of Siena
This 14th-century scholar combined contemplation and action in service to God and the Church.
St. Gianna Beretta Molla
This 20th-century wife and mother courageously embraced the joys and sorrows of family life.
Administrative Professionals Day
Say thanks today to those whose work makes someone else’s job a little easier.

Mother's Day
Nearly everyone in the sprawling ensemble comedy "Mother's Day" (Open Road) harbors a secret.

They are, quite often, terribly complicated mysteries involving racist beliefs, homophobia and even children abandoned at birth. Each story line could, in theory, be a compelling and instructive ...

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  Mother's Day  CNS photo/Open Road
Ayden Bivek, Kate Hudson and Aasif Mandvi star in "Mother's Day."

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St. Athanasius
Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter
St. Catherine of Siena
Bringing Home the Word
The Space Between Faith and Doubt
Sunday, April 27, 2014
Doubt can lead us to question, to reflect, to understand reality at a deeper level.
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